Euntes Mission Sending

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We are delighted to invite you to be with us to celebrate the Mission Sending of our participants of Mission Formation and Spirituality on November 29, 2008 at 5:30 PM.Presiding the Eucharistic celebration is Fr. Giulio Mariani, P.I.M.E. (Director) together with Fr. Gianni Sandalo, P.I.M.E. (Philippine Regional Superior).

Euntes Asian Center is committed to participate in the vision -mission of FABC towards envisioning a renewed church in Asia. “We are caught up in the dynamism and tension of what is already here and still awaits its full realization. Renewal is both God’s gift as well as our own task. God has already accomplished it as the fruit of the mission of Jesus and the Spirit. It is now impacting on our world. Yet, renewal is a gift waiting to be made our own, to be incarnated in the life of the world, in the life of men and women of Asia, in the life of the Church. The Church is always in need of an intense renewal of her life and mission.”(7th FABC Plenary Assembly, Samphran, Thailand, January 3–13, 2000)

Sensibility to culture and to inculturating the Gospel is an important priority for the Church. Pope Paul VI states in Evangelii Nuntiandi (EN 20): The split between the Gospel and culture is without a doubt the drama of our time, just as it was of other times. Culture is the context through which people understand the world. It includes a whole spectrum of ideas, beliefs, symbols and values that are shared by a people. Everything learned, including the message of the Gospel, is affected by it. People cannot be truly evangelized unless they are addressed within the context of their culture.

Euntes Asian Center


The EUNTES ASIAN CENTER (EAC) is located in Zamboanga City in front of the  Sulu Sea on the west coast of the island of Mindanao, Philippines, and it has a nice setting for the awakening of human and spiritual progress. The aim is to provide a Place of Welcome for lay, religious and ordained who like to renew their commitment to the Church in Asia.
The courses programs (two every year) covers those aspects of mission that are crucial in Asia today like proclamation of the Gospel, interreligious dialogue, inculturation, liberation….

While the courses are going on the atmosphere in EUNTES is “intercultural”. That is, persons from different asian countries who are sharing a common cause. Lives and cultures interwined as well as with those, like christians, muslims and indigenous people, who are living around the area of Zamboanga peninsula.

So, if you like to come at EUNTES, don’t esitate and give us a call.  Bye!

The Staff

By the way! When courses are not held, EAC welcome individuals and group for meetings and retreats, offering them its convenient accomodations and first rate catering too!

Euntes Asian Center


Euntes! A participle plus latin werb found in the Gospel of Matthew (28:19): Euntes Ergo Docete Omne Gentes! (Go! And teach to all the people..). The message is for those who are experiencing a call to mission in ASIA and are ready to share with other the stories of Jesus, with confidence and courage.