Familiarity Begins with a Small Group

 Yesterday afternoon (April 19) we, the participants, are divided into different groups. It’s the part of Orientation Day which is the first day. As God said after each day of creation, “It is good.” so it is!   


ohhhh...smile please!

ohhhh...smile please!

Life in a community necessitates familiarity between its members. Our community in Euntes started with the formation of integration groups which aided each member to familiarize each other in a small group. These groups are named as Solidarity, Fidelity, Hospitality, Creativity and Serenity. pict09183

 By sharing our ideas with one another and cooperating in group activities such as preparation of liturgy for Eucharistic Celebration, prayer services and other activities foster each one of us slow by slowly to disclose ourselves to our companions. 


pict09172It’s our great joy that we gathered together as a group in our refectory for mirienda (Tea & snacks). The groups chose their respective leaders who will serve as animators for the whole duration of the program. While sharing at table, taking snacks, and relating stories, laughter burst in the four corners of the dining room. pict09152

 pict09142This is a positive manifestation of getting to know each other deeper and becoming comfortable with each others’ presence. 










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