The session begins…

Monday, April 20, ’09

dscn2780In the morning we had Eucharistic celebration animated by the solidarity group. It’s really enriching experience to present ourselves in our native culture. Our culture is most important for the perspective of evangelization. it’s our duty to live in it, with it and for it wherever we are at the same time we should recognize the importance of the local culture being as a person sent to evangelize and live the values of reign of God.

pict0969Today’s main speaker is Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF who focused on the topic “Experiencing God in the Margins.” He briefly explained about what mission is all about being at the center means which is not just a proclamation of the Good News. He elucidated that what was important and what makes it dynamic are the subjects, the community and the situation of society.

Likewise, he stressed that mission today is viewed as DIALOGUE with the poor, with the cultures and religious traditions — precisely the need to articulate who are the poor, the blind, the oppressed— those in the margins of society. It is also equally important to recognize our point of view, that from which point of view we put ourselves so that like the little Prince of St. John Exupery’s book, we can say “It is only with the eye that one sees rightly. What is important is the invisible to the eye…”

pict0981A small group sharing was done in seven groups namely: Myanmar, India, Brazil, OMI Group, Campus ministry Group, and Pastoral Ministry Group which is divided into two, a) Cotabato and b) Northwest Group the BasIliCa (Basilan, Iligan and Cagayan).


The group sharing was focused on three questions:

a)      Who are the Marginalized Sectors?

b)      Why are they poor?

c)      The experience of God or dominant image of God.


It was noted that the groups had a working snack time until they came back to the follow up session. There was not enough time for open forum tapered to time constraint.pict0971

The session tapered into the information regarding the exposure to Lamitan, Isabela and Maluso for Tuesday. On the 21st of April 2009, departure will be at 6:00 am. Today our session ended up together with a word of thanks to the participants by Fr. Calvo, CMF.


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