The Beginning of Our Journey in Euntes…

Yesterday, April 22, 2009



The day started with the sharing of insights captured in the following lines: “God never abandons us in the midst of daily realities even if this will disturb us. We see the face of God in different situations, like children convey God’s loving embrace as we go beyond borders that make us realize the good can come out of them as others share by doing service to others and dialogue with people. They can become happy and contented. Altogether, our experience of God was of the privilege one facilitated by the people of the margins.

dscn2809An input was given to us elaborating the role of the church which calls for every faithful to be pro-active rather than reactive.

As Vatican II opened its doors, Christians are challenged to respect the poor and behave justly towards them for the poor are the “heirs of the kingdom.” In the Scholastic period, aid became institutionalized and being poor was an indignity especially for the clergy.

dscn2864Furthermore, it articulated that the issue of poverty is justice. Action on behalf of justice and transformation marked a big thing in the understanding of the mission of the church.

The New Era was also discussed. This refers to the experience of accumulation of changes brought about by globalization. However, a more missionary church was gleaned through dialogue. It is the encounter between persons, mediated by the word, dealing with others not as “objects” but as “subjects” to name in order to write their history. It is the process of partnership towards the pursuits of communion and fullness of life.

dsc06652The morning session was ended by giving us the three reflection questions to share:

  1. What is your missionary experience?
  2. What are the social concerns in your area and how the church is responding?
  3. What is your favorite mission text? Why?

The integration groups met in the afternoon to share something about the about questions. The plenary session highlighted the output of the sharing from each group articulating their mission experiences, the response of the church and their favorite scriptural texts.dscn28972

The day was ended with the Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Angel Calvo, which was animated by the Creativity Group. This Eucharistic celebration is significantly celebrated with the ritual of ablution of hands and going bare footed inside the chapel. The homily was shared by each of the members of the group based experience that we had in Basilan Island. One of the groups expressed through the symbolic prayer… Loving God, make us become bridges from the margins to the center and from the center to the margins. Help us recognize you wherever we are situated- whatever perspective we are in. this we ask through Christ- the bridge, our bridge to you…Amen100_3866

The creativity group member Enrique S. Oliveros, Jr., shared… A lot of people are so blessed materially compared with others and yet simply they don’t recognize the blessings they enjoy and still keep on complaining. Moreover, they refuse to share. Our experience in Basilan God is inviting us to go out from our box, to go beyond our borders, remove our shoes and follow him.dsc066622

We concluded the memorable day with the simple token of love given to Fr. Calvo along with picture taking.100_3898


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