Coming from Ayala, from the West!

Coming from Ayala, from the West!

Coming from the City proper!

Coming from the City proper!

Sisters Dom & Jerome, from Myanmar, welcome visitors to the Center!

Sisters Dom & Jerome, from Myanmar, welcome visitors to the Center!

The above pictures show the new markers that grace the Euntes gate. Visitors to the Center were often complaining that they had missed the entrance to the Center since the directional sign was so small.                              

Well, we have two very colorful and large signs that easily catch the attention of the passing motorists both coming from the City proper and coming from Ayala, that is from the West.

What many people miss is that the Center has a new name. We used to speak of EUNTES ASIAN CENTER while now we have EUNTES MISSION CENTER!

The Staff in accord with the PIME General Directorate in Rome decided upon the change. The reason is simple. First of all, the new name more fully expresses the nature of the Center. The Euntes is essentially a Mission Formation center. Secondly, in our brochures we always speak of the center as serving the young Churches of Asia and the Churches in the area of the Pacific. Therefore, the new name seems to be more correct.

We will have to learn to abandon the old acronym EAC in favor of EMC.

New Euntes Staff Member

ting mapeso pixThe Euntes Staff and Community welcome Ms. Teofila Estrella (Ting) Mapeso as the new Community Animator.

Ting is an alumna of Euntes Mission Center, batch 2007 of the Mission Formation and Spirituality Program.

She is member of the Teresian Association, an International Catholic Lay Association of Pontifical right founded by St. Pedro Poveda in Spain in 1911.

Before joining the Euntes Mission Center (EMC) as staff she was assigned as Administrator of Josefa Segovia Student Center –a residence for female college students in Iloilo City owned and managed by the Teresian Association.

Presently, she is the Coordinator of the Teresian Association Youth Ministry in the Visayas Zone.

She is a graduate of Master of Industrial Relations – Labor Relations Management from the School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR) of the University of the Philippines, – Diliman in Quezon City.

Ting will be serving as a Community Animator for the course on Mission Formation and Spirituality that will start on July 1 and end on November 30, 2009. Twenty-two participants from seven different Asian countries and from the area of the Pacific will be in attendance.