Fr. Edgar - Day 1 (am) -01On July 13 we began our new module on ‘Mission Today’ with Fr. Edgar G. Javier SVD, a Missiologist who was a missionary in Samoa for sixteen years.

Enlivening his presentation with many interesting stories from his mission experience, he led us to understand the new ways of mission in its fundamental idea as being God’s mission (Missio Dei); we are only His instruments.

Missionaries have gone from ‘saving souls’ to ‘implanting the Church’ and ‘proclaiming Christ as Son of God and Savior’ to ‘proclaiming the Kingdom of God’.



   Sr. Luci
 By:  Sr. Luci of Indonesia
Earnest Tan is our resources person in the second week in our Euntes course. In his opening lecture he explained the importance of talking about “personal wellness”. First, we don’t want missionaries to perish before their time. Second, we also need missionaries who serve with joy and exuberance, and third, the world is in need of missionaries who will inspire as he or she bear witness to the light of Christ.

Earnest helped us to reflect on our experiences and examine the impact that these have on our personal growth and wellness (inner life) and to recognize the importance of self care through being mindful of stress and burn out. 

Earnest Tan
Earnest Tan

He led us to get in touch with our personhood in the light of our life experiences by encouraging us to revisit the stages of our life and become aware of our weakness, wounds, struggles and brokenness. What counts is to move forward and reclaim our history by reconciling with our past, our brokenness (pain), and healing our wounds as people gifted by God’s unconditional love.

Earnest brought us to confront our paralyses in life by implementing holistic healing as a personal dimension. 

We have to acknowledge the gift of people as a support system in our life building up health interpersonal relationships. As transpersonal dimension, face a higher power and surrender to healing, having a meaningful encounter with our God.

MFS 2009 - EARNEST Day 5 011Earnest gave us time for group sharing and reflection, so that we can best find our self as we truly are. We accept our self, our paralysis, our brokenness, our wounds and we can see that God is always be with us. We changed our self, our mind, and our paradigms, and we became aware that as missionaries we must have personal wellness so that we can go and reach out where we are needed.

Earnest explained also about stress management. If we cannot manage our stress, we will suffer burn -out.  As missionaries we should remember to have self-care.

Earnest freely shared his personal experience, so that we can learn more and more from him. In the closing lecture, he taught us one song: The Rose. The poem describes love as a flower and we are only the seed.   Just remember – the poem says – in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose.





(Sr. Dolly of Phils.)

On July 3 our course opened with Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF who encouraged us and actually led us to find God in the margins. He explained about our mission today and shared his experience. He opened our eyes and our minds to hear the cry of the poor. 

In this first week of our Euntes journey, we were plunged into the sea of innumerable faces of marginalized poor people in our countries and in our society that challenge us to hear their cry and find God amidst a heart rending deprivation and chaotic system.         

MFS July 012009 084It is so humiliating and humbling before the God who created us with equal rights that we live in the midst of poor people deprived of their power, dignity, well being and basic needs.

The cry of the poor is so loud and clear the world’s self- preservation and self-gratification has deadened the ears and numbed stone-like hearts to reach out.

The struggle and the initiatives of the missionaries and the many people who break barriers and bridge hopes are already a life giving water to the thirsty marginalized poor and a light in their dark fight to reclaim God’s given dignity and live creatively and freely.

Father Calvo guided us on a trip to the island of Basilan. The trip was symbolic of our call to go and reach out…the experience with the Badjaos and their situation in the village is a source of hope for them who have no common ground to call their own.

In the village we visited in Maluso their safety is secured, their livelihood is fluid, their social life is enhanced, their education and the education for their children is being guided, and they have the sense of freedom from oppression from other sectors of society. They have a community they call their own, a haven for other nomad Badjaos in the neighboring Islands of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

These Badjaos are thankful and really grateful that people like the Claretian missionaries are concerned for their miserable plight in society without the support of others Badjaos like them to commune together. Their culture is deteriorating and their groups are so marginalized by society.

Freedom of expression of their beliefs and lifestyle are enhanced as well as their culture is preserved. They hope that someday their children will also be teachers like us.





The Euntes Staff handled Orientation Day on July 1 . The participants met in the air-conditioned Session Hall at 8:30 in the morning.

Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, PIME

Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, PIME

 After the introductory prayer, the Euntes Director, Father Giulio F. Mariani, PIME, officially welcomed them, illustrating the history, nature and goals of the Euntes Mission Center. The EMC is not just a place but people – Priests, Religious Women and Lay people – who wish to live together as ‘a mission –oriented community’ in order to be personally renewed and be ready ‘to go and reach out’, the real meaning of Euntes. ‘Euntes’ is the Latin word taken from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark when Jesus sends His Apostles to go out to the whole world.

MFS July 012009 023 MFS July 012009 018                                 
The Community Animator, Ting, then helped the participants to introduce each other so that they could start becoming familiar with one another. Everyone was invited to share briefly the kind of ministry he or she was involved and their expectations from the course.
Sr. Stella R. Llerin, OND

Sr. Stella R. Llerin, OND

The Program Coordinator, Sr. Stella, then followed with a colorful PowerPoint presentation of the significance of the Euntes Mission Formation and Spirituality program along with the whole flow of the various modules.


In the afternoon, Ting spoke about ‘Community and Liturgical Animation’ while giving guidelines to ensure that every participant would share in a profitable and enjoyable stay for the next five months.

She stressed the point that our style of life will not be merely academic, but also experiential, inclusive, interactive and participatory. In fact, EMC seeks to provide a setting where adult learning can happen and reflection on mission deepens and widens as we strive to be a church renewed.

The participants were then divided in ‘Integration Groups’ to facilitate interpersonal and intercultural sharing. The names of the groups (Hospitality, Fidelity, Solidarity and Harmony) underline some of the important values the Euntes community is invited to live with.

 MFS July 012009 049The Eucharistic Celebration, followed by Supper, concluded the Orientation Day. The opening Mass was celebrated by Father Giulio with Father Gianni Re, the Regional Superior of the PIME Missionaries in the Philippines and Father Nevio Vigano’, PIME, the Parish Priest of the Transfiguration Parish of Sinunuc where the EMC is located.

The theme of the celebration, developed also by Father Giulio in his homily, was ‘they (the Apostles) abandoned their nets and followed him’ (Mark 1:18). The first reading was from Acts 1: 1- 14, All these (the Apostles) devoted themselves with one accord to prayer, together with some women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers. The Euntes community is people waiting for a new Pentecost experience in company of Mary, Our lady of the Cenacle and Queen of the Apostles.

Mission Formation and Spirituality (MFS) 2009

The Euntes Staff: (from left Ting Mapeso - Liturgy & comm Animator, Sr. Stella - Program Coordinator, Fr. Angel Calvo - Pastoral Consultant & Fr. Giulio Mariani, the director

The Euntes Staff: (from left Ting Mapeso - Liturgy & Community Animator, Sr. Stella Llerin - Program Coordinator, Fr. Angel Calvo - Pastoral Consultant & Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, the director










A few days before the program got underway the Euntes Staff met with the team of the Euntes workers (Office Secretary, Kitchen staff, Security Guards, Ground Maintenance crew and Gate Keeper). It was a fruitful dialogue. All the workers were encouraged to see themselves and be not simply as salaried workers but true 'Partners in Mission'.

A few days before the program got underway the Euntes Staff met with the team of the Euntes workers (Office Secretary, Kitchen staff, Security Guards, Ground Maintenance crew and Gate Keeper). It was a fruitful dialogue. All the workers were encouraged to see themselves not simply as salaried workers but true 'Partners in Mission'.

The Euntes Mission Center (EMC) is once again, for the third time, the scene of the five-month program for Mission Formation and Spirituality.

Last July 1st saw 21 participants arriving from eight different countries of Asia and the area of the Pacific: Bangladesh (3 Women Religious), Myanmar (5 Women Religious, 3 Priests, 2 laywomen), Indonesia (1 Woman Religious and 1 priest), Japan (1 Deacon), Papa New Guinea (1 priest), Philippines (2 Women Religious, 1 Laywoman) and East Timor (1 Woman Religious).

Taken after the openning mass.

Taken after the opening Mass.

The program will end on November 28 with the participants’ Mission Sending ceremony.






 The following is the calendar of the various modules with the names of the respective Resource Persons.

Mission Formation & Spirituality

July 1-November 30, 2009



Resource Persons

June 30



July 1



July 2-4

Finding God in the Margins

Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF

July 6-10

Wellness of Missionary

Earnest Tan

July 13 -17

Mission Today

Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD

July 20-24

Biblical foundation for Mission

Fr. Viviano Rocco, SX

July 27-31

Shifting Paradigms of Culture, Mission, Church

Dr. Emmanuel S. de Guzman

August 3-7

Pastoral Approach to Ministry of the Word

Fr. Gil Alinsangan, SSP

Aug. 10 – 14

Mission of Social Concerns

Fr. Rene Lagaya, SDB

August 17-21

Evangelization, Dialogue: Hinduism & Buddhism

Fr. Jeyaraj Rasiah, SJ

August 24-28

Understanding Islam towards IRD

Fr. Eliseo Mercado Jr., OMI

Aug. 31-Sept. 2

Sept. 4-5

Mission and Family

Social Analysis: Pastoral Tool

Dr. Jose de Mesa

Fr. Danny Pilario, CM

Sept. 7 – 8

 Sept. 9-11

Mary & Mission of the Church

Mission & Migration

Sr. Kathleen Coyle, SCC

Sr. Teresa Mueda, DC

Sept. 15-18

Mission & Sacraments

Fr. Phil Estrella, OMI

Sept. 21-25

Mission of Peacemaking

Ms. Ida Giguiento

Sept. 28-Oct. 2

Community Retreat

Fr. Sergio Fossati, PIME

Oct. 5-9

Mission Leadership

Fr. Madya Utama, SJ

Oct. 12-14

Oct. 15-16

Mission of Inter-religious dialogue 

Indigenous Peoples & Integrity of Creation

Silsilah Team

Fr. Peter Geremia, PIME

Oct. 19-23

Mission Spirituality

Fr. Vito del Prete, PIME

Oct. 26-30

BEC: New Way of Being Church

Bp. Manny Cabajar, CSsR

Nov. 2-6

Mission of Inculturation

Dr. Jose de Mesa

Nov. 9-13

Eucharist: Food for Mission Journey

Bp. Julius Tonel

Nov. 16-19

Mission: Telling the Story of Jesus

Dr. Natividad Pagadut

Nov. 23-24

Mission of Reconciliation

Sr. Stella-Marie Llerin, OND

Nov. 25-26

Mindanao Week of Peace

Peace Advocate of  Zamboanga

Nov. 27

Reflection Synthesis

Euntes staff

Nov. 28

Mission Sending


Nov. 29