The Euntes Staff handled Orientation Day on July 1 . The participants met in the air-conditioned Session Hall at 8:30 in the morning.

Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, PIME

Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, PIME

 After the introductory prayer, the Euntes Director, Father Giulio F. Mariani, PIME, officially welcomed them, illustrating the history, nature and goals of the Euntes Mission Center. The EMC is not just a place but people – Priests, Religious Women and Lay people – who wish to live together as ‘a mission –oriented community’ in order to be personally renewed and be ready ‘to go and reach out’, the real meaning of Euntes. ‘Euntes’ is the Latin word taken from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark when Jesus sends His Apostles to go out to the whole world.

MFS July 012009 023 MFS July 012009 018                                 
The Community Animator, Ting, then helped the participants to introduce each other so that they could start becoming familiar with one another. Everyone was invited to share briefly the kind of ministry he or she was involved and their expectations from the course.
Sr. Stella R. Llerin, OND

Sr. Stella R. Llerin, OND

The Program Coordinator, Sr. Stella, then followed with a colorful PowerPoint presentation of the significance of the Euntes Mission Formation and Spirituality program along with the whole flow of the various modules.


In the afternoon, Ting spoke about ‘Community and Liturgical Animation’ while giving guidelines to ensure that every participant would share in a profitable and enjoyable stay for the next five months.

She stressed the point that our style of life will not be merely academic, but also experiential, inclusive, interactive and participatory. In fact, EMC seeks to provide a setting where adult learning can happen and reflection on mission deepens and widens as we strive to be a church renewed.

The participants were then divided in ‘Integration Groups’ to facilitate interpersonal and intercultural sharing. The names of the groups (Hospitality, Fidelity, Solidarity and Harmony) underline some of the important values the Euntes community is invited to live with.

 MFS July 012009 049The Eucharistic Celebration, followed by Supper, concluded the Orientation Day. The opening Mass was celebrated by Father Giulio with Father Gianni Re, the Regional Superior of the PIME Missionaries in the Philippines and Father Nevio Vigano’, PIME, the Parish Priest of the Transfiguration Parish of Sinunuc where the EMC is located.

The theme of the celebration, developed also by Father Giulio in his homily, was ‘they (the Apostles) abandoned their nets and followed him’ (Mark 1:18). The first reading was from Acts 1: 1- 14, All these (the Apostles) devoted themselves with one accord to prayer, together with some women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers. The Euntes community is people waiting for a new Pentecost experience in company of Mary, Our lady of the Cenacle and Queen of the Apostles.


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