Sr. Luci
 By:  Sr. Luci of Indonesia
Earnest Tan is our resources person in the second week in our Euntes course. In his opening lecture he explained the importance of talking about “personal wellness”. First, we don’t want missionaries to perish before their time. Second, we also need missionaries who serve with joy and exuberance, and third, the world is in need of missionaries who will inspire as he or she bear witness to the light of Christ.

Earnest helped us to reflect on our experiences and examine the impact that these have on our personal growth and wellness (inner life) and to recognize the importance of self care through being mindful of stress and burn out. 

Earnest Tan
Earnest Tan

He led us to get in touch with our personhood in the light of our life experiences by encouraging us to revisit the stages of our life and become aware of our weakness, wounds, struggles and brokenness. What counts is to move forward and reclaim our history by reconciling with our past, our brokenness (pain), and healing our wounds as people gifted by God’s unconditional love.

Earnest brought us to confront our paralyses in life by implementing holistic healing as a personal dimension. 

We have to acknowledge the gift of people as a support system in our life building up health interpersonal relationships. As transpersonal dimension, face a higher power and surrender to healing, having a meaningful encounter with our God.

MFS 2009 - EARNEST Day 5 011Earnest gave us time for group sharing and reflection, so that we can best find our self as we truly are. We accept our self, our paralysis, our brokenness, our wounds and we can see that God is always be with us. We changed our self, our mind, and our paradigms, and we became aware that as missionaries we must have personal wellness so that we can go and reach out where we are needed.

Earnest explained also about stress management. If we cannot manage our stress, we will suffer burn -out.  As missionaries we should remember to have self-care.

Earnest freely shared his personal experience, so that we can learn more and more from him. In the closing lecture, he taught us one song: The Rose. The poem describes love as a flower and we are only the seed.   Just remember – the poem says – in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose.

Sr. Norine 1 SHARING

  by Sr. Norine of Myanmar



MFS 2009 - EARNEST Day 5 009In this week’s module, Personal Wellness of a missionary, I was helped to find my self more deeply and clearly. Who am I? Where I am going? I realized that I faithfully bring with me a baggage wherever I go. This baggage is rather heavy for me and, at the same time, makes me not to be free. In this baggage is I put reflection, low self esteem, closed heart, fear of death, and defenses of all kinds. These things represent a snag for my personal growth and development since I am not free. So now it’s the time for me to leave this baggage and I to be a free person.


by Sr. Dolly

The discovery is a wow…wow…wow…. It is like completing a panorama picture puzzle. You enjoy the beauty not minding the ordeal of connecting the chips together in place.

 Day 1 -  Sr. Dolly & BethMany times the attempt is not right and you take time out. At times you feel discouraged but you are persistent until the day you made it complete. What a relief!

So that is how I felt during the module on “Wellness of a Missionary” with Earnest Tan. It is a short course but compact. All I had learned and encountered in other seminars on values, inner self discovery, stress management, etc, were all connected together like a picture puzzle in which now I see the whole view of me.

My self-realization and self-acceptanceMFS 2009 - EARNEST Day 5 010 is mere God’s grace. My healing is a process to be experienced as I go along from this moment in time. It is going to be a here and now experience until the end of my days – the day I die.

I am grateful to hold panoramic view of my true self. Reconciling with myself of my unhealthy past experiences and journey has to be considered and be given importance. Mindfulness of the here and now journey to the healing process is a priority. The outcome is in God’s own time.  

Like in the gospel story of the paralytic man cured by Jesus; he picked up his mat and walked. It is all very symbolic of my wellness journey onward.

MFS 2009 - EARNEST Day 5 030


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sr. Elsa Balboa, OND
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 13:03:07

    It is indeed envigorating to read once again the
    reflections of fellow missionaries and the gleanings they get of the modules here at Euntes. Truly ones wholeness is primordial in the reaching out to the margins. Having been in such Euntes course is indeed an anchor in the many challenges of mission life.


  2. Sr. Elsa Balboa, OND
    Jul 24, 2009 @ 13:07:41

    Hello Sr. Dolly!
    KUDOZ for the write up you gave for the blog. Am happy for you and the discovery you have of taking the course with Earnest Tan. May you have a more grace-filled days at Euntes. Cheers!


    • euntes
      Jul 25, 2009 @ 06:28:50

      Hello Sr. Elsa thanks sa imong coments i’ll tell Sr. Dolly. Now they are very busy for their Filipino Cultural Presentation. Regards!


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