Fr. Gil Alinsangan

Fr. Gil Alinsangan

On Monday, August 3, we welcomed Father GIL ALINSANGAN, SSP, the creator and editor of the Sambuhay, a four page leaflet detailing the Sunday Liturgy with a short commentary, an instrument of the pastoral ministry of the Priests and Brothers of the Society of St. Paul (SSP). In his week long module, he presented ‘The Pastoral approach to the ministry of the Word’.

It is clear how every missionary considers the Word of God central both for his/her personal life and his/ her evangelizing ministry.

Fr. Gil Alinsangan - day 1 005Father Gil introduced us to relating the Gospel to contemporary society where we are called to proclaim and witness the Word. After highlighting the main points of the Dei Verbum, the Vatican II’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, went on to present the main points of the 13th Ordinary Synod of Bishops (2008) that dealt with The Word of God in the Life and mission of the Church. He stressed the importance of personal study and research in order to arrive to a more effective proclamation, especially through well crafted homilies.


 Fr. Rene Lagaya 011‘Mission of Social Concerns’ was the topic of our 6th module that began Monday, October 10, with Father RENE T. LAGAYA, SDB, a professor of Special Moral Theology with a particular attention to the modern problems dealing with Bioethics. His scholarly presentation helped us understand ‘mission’ in terms of the social concerns of the Church which should be our concerns as we, as missionaries, deal day after day with people/ human beings.

We cannot forget the definition Father Rene gave about his subject: Special Moral Fr. Rene Lagaya 016theology is the grand locus of the Mission of Social Concerns. Bioethical, sexual, and properly social concerns are the realm of mission. They all affect the way one lives in society. They all affect the destiny of the human family.

Consequently contemporary Special Moral Theology focuses on the relationships to which the Human Person is subjected…relationship with God, relationship with himself/ herself (Bioethics and Sexual Ethics) and with other human beings (Social Ethics).Fr. Rene Lagaya 033








Fr. Jeya's class day 1 - 005

On Monday, October 17, Father JEYARAJ RASIAH, SJ, The EAPI Director, arrived to the EMC to present the seventh module dealing ‘Evangelization, Dialogue with Hinduism and Buddhism’. Our Resource Person fondly called by all of us ‘Father Jeya’ impressed us with his vast knowledge and kept us focused on the important subject of his module with his passionate and brilliant presentation. All the participants come from countries where they are in daily contacts with people of the Buddhist and Hindu Faiths. Aware that Fr. Jeya closing, Masaya b-day, flowers 012mission to day is more and more seen as dialogue, it was refreshing to learn more about the beliefs and he life practices of our Buddhist and Hindu brothers and sisters, and learn more how to reach out to them through dialogue.


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