by Mina

Sr. JeromeI was happy listening to the talk on mission of the family. It touched my heart and I want to share it with family. Firstly, I thank God for sending Dr. Jose De Mesa to Euntes.  His talk made me know more of myself and made me understand my parents. I came from a large family and I felt they don’t like me.

Dr. De Mesa, Rissa, Bday Agus 009I’m a slow moving person. I felt I was a stranger to them by the way they treated me. They were not patient with me. They were very strict. I complained to God why was I born to such parents. I wanted to have a happy family but they always quarreled and I hated them.

IMGP1321When I left behind my family and entered the convent my parents cried and told me they loved me and advised me to be a good nun. Those words made me even angrier. I did not believe them.

Having watched the movie The Story of Us about family here in Euntes and listened to Dr. Jose De Mesa’s presentation made me think of my parents. I felt pity for them and missed them very much. Now I can understand and say that my family loves me.

IMGP1479Having visited the home for street children in Zamboanga City, I felt very sad for them. They have no parents to take care of them. I remembered my own parents and all the love that they have showered on me.

IMGP1465I am so grateful for having come to Euntes and have the chance to listen to the module on “The Mission and The Family”. It made me appreciate the value of family and the role of parents play in the growth and development of their children.

Dr. De Mesa, Rissa, Bday Agus 024Dr. Jose De Mesa said that God’s gracious providential love is experienced and lived in and through the family. I now appreciate the fact that the family is ‘the domestic and the children are brought up, nurtured and educated in their faith church’ in and through the family. I also appreciate the fact that marriage is indeed like a dance that wife and husband have to try their best to learn in becoming a better wife and a better husband, a need that can be best fulfilled and  strengthened through their mutual effort.   

Dr. De Mesa, Rissa, Bday Agus 005


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