by Lloyd Dangdang

by Lloyd

We are all missionaries and, as such, we are called to be missionaries to our brothers and sisters. Now, if we look at Mary as Mother of God, we realize that she has a great role in helping men and women to maintain their relationship with God.

She said “yes” to God’s invitation without any hesitation because she believed and was convinced that she was only a servant of God, and knew her true relationship with God.

Kathleen 007We Christians believe that Mary is the mother of God because she was the one who gave birth to Jesus, the Son of God. The Virgin Mary, who at the message of an Angel received the Word of God in her heart as well in her body and gave life to the world, is acknowledged and honored as truly the Mother of God. She is endowed with the high office and dignity of the Mother of the Son of God, and therefore, she is also the beloved daughter of the Father and the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  

DSC01991The motherhood of Mary tells us that Jesus, who is Mary’s Son, is the Son of God made man. And so we know that Jesus is both human and divine because of the participation of Mary in the plan of God to be the mother of Jesus. Because of Mary, Christ was able to experience suffering in life and, through Mary, Christ was able to live and experience being human.

Knowing about Mary’s motherhood, it is also important for us to see her as a disciple of God. Mary is a true disciple. She gives us an example on how to be a disciple especially through her humble attitude towards God. She gave her “yes” totally to God’s calling in spite of the dangers that she would be facing. She gave her total self to God without hesitation.

Kathleen 2 023Because of this, we can say that Mary is the mother of the church and at the same time, she is also the daughter and member of the church through her faithful service in her life and her vocation lived in glorious union with Christ.

The church is both pastors and people. The church is under the headship of Christ. Since the church is the people of God, then we can say that there is need for a mother in order to guide and direct us in our daily undertakings. Then, because of this, Mary, who is the mother of Jesus, must be also the mother of church who is people of God.

Kathleen 2 032


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