“Dialogue starts from God and brings people back to God”

Beth1  By Ms. Elizabeth Solis of Emmaus, Zamboanga City – Philippines

  This reaffirms the centrality of God and God’s dialogical presence in    humanity that can transform people and society. God takes the initiative to dialogue with us and in turn we response to His call through our specific vocation and mission. Listening to the talk of Fr. D”Ambra, the founder of

Silsilah Team and Exposure 027

Fr. D'Ambra, PIME with the two Ustadz of Zamboanga City spoke on Dialogue

Silsilah Dialogue Movement, gives me a new insight that dialogue is not strategy; it is a style of life and at a deeper level it is spirituality and an experience of life. There can be no true dialogue if there is no authenticity of heart as dialoguer. With this we can be an agent of peace to ourselves, family, and society.  “Padayon” ‘Move On”.


Sr. Ester

Sr. Ester

Leadership is about behavior.  It is an attempt to influence others to formulate their common goals and to seek means to accomplish it. There are styles of leadership, and each type is dependent on the readiness of the people involved. More


Fr. Agus Sugiarto’s reflection

Openning of the Retreat

Opening of the Retreat

I would like to share my own reflection during 5 days of my retreat.  Jesus is  the Lord, who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but made himself of no reputation, and took upon himself the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of man. More


Mar R. Alicaway

Mar Alicaway

MARINO ‘Mar’ REYES ALICAWAY is the IRD Project Director of OND-HESED Foundation, Inc. in General Santos City. He attended as an Auditor the module on Mission of Peacemaking offered at the Euntes Mission Center by Ms Ida Guiguiento of the Mindanao Peace Institute the week of September 21 to 25. What follow is Marino’s personal reflection.