Indigenous Peoples and the Integrity of Creation.

By Fr. Goni Samoa of  PNG

Fr. Goni

The indigenous people are those who dwell in a certain place for a long period of time so it is this context that we need to study their way of life and to really find out about their worries and concerns. It is like saying that we must journey with them and to find out about their life patterns. We need to approach them in a certain way in their tribal setting to share in their concerns. We must appreciate and respect their culture. We must have respect for the spirits of the forest. We must know why there is global warming and the pattern of climate or weather has changed so much today. How can we sustain God’s creation? How can we protect the creation or the More


  By Sr. Dolly Garayanala, OND

Sr. Dolly, OND

The following are some of my personal reflections after the module on the Eucharist given to the Euntes community by Bishop Julius Tonel, DD, Bishop of the Prelature of Ipil. More


Sr. Norine, SMF

The following are the personal reflections of Sister Norine, SMF from Myanmar.   Sr. Norine is in the habit of writing a personal synthesis after every module; she does it mainly in order to eventually share them with her community upon returning to her country. More


By Sr. Norine, SMF

The young church in Myanmar is in need of inculturation. This means that as a missionary Myanmar day 067I am challenged to really understand the meaning of the Gospel and the culture where I am being sent to minister to the people.

            It is also the requirement for a missionary to be sensitive to different cultural patterns of the people he serves and the local expression of their faith in God. It is good to be always aware of the risks involved in the process of inculturation especially in interpreting the Word of God and language and symbols of the local culture.

Inculturation 004            As I return to my local context with new eyes I am urged to study in a deeper manner the culture of my people and the story of Jesus. Together with them we will strive to develop a process that will make sense to the Christian community in Myanmar.


By Sr. Sabina Gonzaga, OP

Basic Ecclesial Communities as I understand them are who gather together in a particular community and who are basically poor and in need of help.  This is the general problem, and so I move in to meet with them in order to discuss and find out what they really need to help themselves. Their needs are varied, but in general those needs are understood as spiritual, developmental and liberational. More



Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father
Fr. Vito 007

Fr. Vito del Prete the resource person.

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you”. (Matthew 28:19-20).



Every year on the third Sunday of October the Catholic Church celebrates World Mission Sunday. More