Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father
Fr. Vito 007

Fr. Vito del Prete the resource person.

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you”. (Matthew 28:19-20).



Every year on the third Sunday of October the Catholic Church celebrates World Mission Sunday.

This year the celebration coincided with our 5 days seminar on Mission Spirituality given by Rev. Fr. Vito del Prete, PIME,  the Secretary General of PMU, Vatican City, Rome, here in Euntes Mission Center last October 19-23, 2009.

Fr. Vito ending 011On World Mission Sunday itself Fr. Vito celebrated Mass at the Transfiguration Parish in Sinunuc, Zamboanga City. In his homily he emphasized that all of us are missionaries by virtue of our Baptism. The celebration of the Mission Sunday deeply concerns all of us, for mission is the task given to all. The whole church is in mission. We want Christ to be brought to all peoples, that all may be united through Him, with him, in him. The Church will enrich the nations by giving them Christ and His Good News and they will enrich us with the gifts of their culture which they have received from the Lord.

Exposure to Katilingban 046It is our joy to share with you our own learnings and reflections about the Module on Mission Spirituality:

The module on Mission Spirituality leads me to deepen my understanding that a missionary is a man of prayer who makes the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ the absolute priority, free from all attachments, open, in touch with reality, compassionate, courageous, living a life of poverty in solidarity with poor; he lives a life in the continuous process of configuration to Christ and lives the evangelical demands of poverty, obedience and chastity.

– Joseph S. Briones


Inculturation 030The topic on Mission Spirituality was very interesting because it challenged me on how to become an effective and authentic missionary. A missionary is a man or woman of faith, hope and love and is ready to face martyrdom. As I understand Jesus Christ must have been rooted in his mission so that it is easy to be poor and to be with the poor. The main engines of mission are prayer, contemplation and meditation. It is not easy to become a missionary because you need to empty yourself and have to be ready to be configured to Jesus. What appears important in missionary means that one be committed to oneself, to God and being charitable to those who are in need especially the poor people.  The grace of God would only be possible if we have total trust in him and have faith in God in everything that I do wherever I go.

– Arthur Malabarbas


Bp. Manny 007I was inspired by Fr. Vito Del Prete, PIME, who shared his knowledge about the spirituality of a Missionary and about how to become an effective and authentic missionary.

According to him, a missionary should be a man or a woman of Faith, Hope and Charity,  ready to face martyrdom and endowed with Christian virtues like love, compassion, courage, understanding, justice, prudence and temperance.

The missionary should live a life of poverty in solidarity with the poor, with openness, respect of other cultures and other living faith in harmonious relationships for the realization of the Kingdom of God.

– Lloyd Dangdang 


The module on Mission Spirituality widened our horizon of what we are ought to be as Church, linked not only to our sister churches in other parts of the world, especially the poorest, but also to that large part of the world that does not yet know Christ or having heard of him, fails to accept him and his gospel. His Good News is to be shared, for it is meant for everyone.

The three of us, Joseph, Arturo and Lloyd are PIME candidates and participants of the Euntes course. We know that God is always there to help us and guide us to continue moving on and experiencing His presence as we journey in Him, with Him, and through Him. We pray that God will sustain us to continue in our desire to become a PIME missionary priest (ad vitam, ad gentes, ad extra, and together) and consecrating our entire selves for the Kingdom of God, ready to serve Him and the human family.


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