By Sr. Sabina Gonzaga, OP

Basic Ecclesial Communities as I understand them are who gather together in a particular community and who are basically poor and in need of help.  This is the general problem, and so I move in to meet with them in order to discuss and find out what they really need to help themselves. Their needs are varied, but in general those needs are understood as spiritual, developmental and liberational.

Bp. Manny 002

group presentation on BEC module

I am a new comer to the area. First, I know I have to begin creating rapport, that is, meet with them, talking with them to find out about the problems and find out what they really want me to do.  Perhaps I would introduce them to the idea and ask their opinion about BEC, and ask them if they would like me to stay on and what they could do to help me in terms of food and shelter

Bp. Manny 024

Bp. Manny Cabajar, CSsR of Pagadian City, the Resource Person of BEC

In my first investigative visit, I will be informal about many problems, taking notes of them and then I would have to return to the base station to prepare myself and make a plan for myself to return to the village as a missionary, to stay in that village for some months or years depending on the situation.

Bp. Manny 026Here is what I am going to do. First, I have to complete my preparation, by planning my work and study the resources I would need in terms of money, materials for the entire program. I have to work out how many missionaries I would need and how many villages I will be able to cover and for how long I shall be there, and what I shall do while I am with the people. When all the planning is done, then I have to organize for the manpower (missionaries) to be allotted in the different villages.

Bp. Manny 029My main task would focus more on faith rather than developmental or liberation, but I will only direct people and help them to organize and attend to the problems they are facing so that when I leave the place they will continue with the things that we did together thus making them independent.

When all of this has been done, at the end of 6 months, I would plan an evaluation meeting to be sure that everything is functioning well and if not, then I would have to work out with them a way to change method and to bring about improvement.


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