By Sr. Dolly Garayanala, OND

Sr. Dolly, OND

The following are some of my personal reflections after the module on the Eucharist given to the Euntes community by Bishop Julius Tonel, DD, Bishop of the Prelature of Ipil.Here and now is God’s time, God’s salvific time until the end of the ages. How unfathomable is God’s love, unconditional, a mystery, a moment after moment reality that reminds us “He died that we may have life”. Our salvation!God came down and enfleshed Himself with our humanity, became like us in the person of Jesus Christ. He breathed the air we breathe, walked the earth we trod, and embraced our poverty.Jesus humbled Himself obedient to the Father who sent Him, emptied Himself accepted even death on the cross for our salvation!Jesus died on the cross that we may have life, a life being nourished until the end of the ages, the Eucharist, the Body of Christ.We believe in Jesus Christ and this our faith handed down to us by the apostles who lived and experienced, being taught and saw the worked ministry of Jesus in their time.The apostles recounted their life experienced with Jesus; what He did and said, saw his passion, death and resurrection until He went back to the Father as we read in the sacred scriptures.We accept and in faith celebrate Jesus Christ salvific act daily in His liturgy of the Eucharist.In the Liturgy of the Eucharist we encounter Jesus in the celebration for it is Jesus Christ Himself, offering to the Father for He and the Father are one with the Holy Spirit.Our faith is deepened most intently in our participation in the Eucharist celebration, focusing with our whole being for Jesus Christ Himself is present in the celebration of the Liturgy.Our communion encounter with Jesus Christ in the Liturgy of the Eucharist is our nourishment in our daily life. Day in and day out we express our encounter with Jesus in our BE-ATTITUDE of our daily task, relation with others, realities of daily events and situation.As we are nourished by Jesus in the Eucharist we receive, we in turn are called to the Eucharist to others in all seasons of life daily cycles.We are never famishing in the journey for we are assured of our daily sustenance in our mission to be Eucharist for others.Our daily experiences of being a Eucharist for others deepen and enhance our faith in the person of Jesus Christ whom we encounter at our Eucharistic celebration.Eucharistic celebration is our thanksgiving to God who has given us life and salvation. A thank you to God for God is ever present to us and in the reality of our daily life. Our life is in God’s life as well as our time is in God’s time until the end of the ages. 


Bp. Julius Tonel of the Prelature of Ipil


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