Mission: Sharing the story of Jesus

by Gracy Tee (Baby)

I was fascinated when first I heard about the module on the story of Jesus and

I said to myself this is very good. Actually the stories were quite ordinary as they tell the day to day activities of Jesus which were simple yet very profound.


This person whom they called Lord is very rich yet appearing and living very poor.

I could not imagine how he was able to do what he did without any difficulty since

most kings here on earth would not relinquish their prestigious positions to become

Poor like he did.


Dra Naty Pagadut, resource person of Telling the Story of Jesus.


I am not a king but there are moments in my life I become like a king for the things I 


do and for the instructions I give to others, being authoritative as king. I am humbled

for the very fact that there is someone greater than I who has taken the lowest

position in our context as a human being.


Again Jesus the Son of God is acculturated to our human society thus giving a sense of hope to the human race. This means he was born into a family which is measured by the standards of his time as a middle class family. But today we say that he is poor. Perhaps He is poor because of our sake. And to those of us who are poor he is our sense of hope.

To those of us who are rich it is our sense of sharing wealth with others.

The stories remain the source and inspiration to many people for many generations till today.

Many have walked the face of the earth to tell the story and have lost their lives only to gain martyrdom.

They continue to tell the story of Jesus.


The four gospel writers have done very well to tell us the story of Jesus so we have a record of events and that helps us to know him better not once but all the time. The gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke seem to tell the story in one way while John takes on the story in another style. But I am rather interested in their

terms of discussion…the nativity narratives and the passion narratives and of the ministry narratives.

Just as others who have gone before me, I would like to see that the Jesus story is told to others as I am convinced that they too will tell the story in the years to come. What I have heard is the story of God’s mission which will live on till the end of time. I am inclined to extend their efforts in telling this story as I will move on from here and beyond…. Euntes…Go…Reach out!



Sr. Phan

Sister Ma Dominic Phan, ZSLF, is a native of Myanmar, and arrived in the Philippines last April. She participated in the Euntes Summer Program and then joined the Mission Formation and Spirituality (MFS) course from July 1 to November 28. She is now in Manila waiting to study at the EAPI before returning to her country for missionary work. The following is her reflection upon completing the MFS 2009. More

Euntes Mission Center Received PEACE WEAVER AWARD 2009

In a letter dated November 23, the EMC Director was advised that “The screening Committee of the Peace Weaver Award is happy to inform you that your organization has been selected as one of this year’s recipients of this recognition. The committee unanimously recognizes Euntes’ efforts on peace-building very much deserving for this recognition”. More


Today, Saturday, November 28, 2009, the Euntes Mission Formation and Spirituality course came to an end with the solemn MISSION SENDING EUCHARISTIC CELEBRATION in which twenty-four Missionaries from seven different countries of Asia and the Pacific received their Diplomas and their Mission Crosses. More


By Sr. Prema

In the module of mission and reconciliation given by Father Percy Bacani, MJ, in the last few days of my stay at the EMC, I learned about to reconcile with oneself, with others, with God’s creation and the cosmos. It has helped me to heal my prejudices, greed and un-satisfaction.    

Because of my un-satisfaction I become an unhappy or unhealthy person. I could not accept myself; I do not love myself and how to love my neighbor. I do not pay attention to others.

That is why I become a slave of a very heavy-hearted person. Now I came to know myself and am able to accept myself feeling much freer than I used to be in the past. I love my neighbor, make friendship, work in partnership and I am happy with myself. I am very grateful to my speaker for his generosity in his sharing on reconciliation. 


By Yvonne

Reconciliation is an act of saying sorry to another person to whom you have offended. The understanding here is that you are apologetic while the other is compelled to forgive you for the wrong you have done. In the last two days of our Euntes course on Mission Formation and Spirituality, we have actually gone through the module on reconciliation. More