Mission Spirituality

First day . . .

At 8:30 am, the spirit-filled gathering prayer was facilitated by the Justice integration group.   Fr. Giulio  Mariani, PIME introduced the resource person, Fr. Percy Bacani, MJ., Superior    General  of  the  Missionary  of Jesus who handled the module on Mission Spirituality.

Fr. Bacani gives the impression of being small but terrible as he starts his lecture on Mission Spirituality. We enjoyed the day as the session was very dynamic, informative and enlightening through various visual presentations and exercises with processing which made the whole class alive.

After supper, the class watched the award winning film titled “Avatar” which was finished at 9:30.

Second day . . .

The day started with a simple opening prayer. Fr. Bacani gave a recap of the activities of the day before and right after he introduced another topic on emerging paradigm.  He then dispersed the participants into their integration group to share on the key elements of spirituality through symbols and metaphors.

In the afternoon, he discussed on spaces and its significance to relational context, reclaiming these spaces and levels of liberation. To end the day, he posted these questions to wit: “How can you proclaim God’s love to those dying innocently?” and “How can you proclaim God’s love to those who have no access to basic services?

Third day . . .

An opening prayer through a video clip depicting the Joey Velasco’s painting of last supper started the day.  Fr. Bacani elicited insights from the participants. The topic on the spirituality of partnership was emphasized thus putting an end to sexism and moved to inter-sexuality. He further stressed that “outside inclusivity, there is no healing and reconciliation”.

Re-enactment of the First Holy Mass in Limasawa.

Then, he moved to the last topic which was solidarity with the cosmos in which he explicitly stated that “outside God’s creation, there is no healing and reconciliation”.  Fr. Bacani further underscored important points as: fall in love with nature, the earth does not belong to us but we belong to the earth.

In winding up his talk for three days, Fr. Bacani provided questions for deeper understanding and reflection.

Nuggets of  Wisdom from some participants . . .

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  1. Bernardo F. Carmelo
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 07:31:13

    This is one of my memorable celebration of the holy mass because I’ve really felt that the nature is one with us during the celebration. And the warmed welcome of the rising sun embracing all of us intensely. The unique activities during our celebration was indeed fascinating and overwelming as if we are able to express our love to one another without malice and hesitation. That’s why, I really thank Fr. Bacani for introducing us such a wonderful eucharistic celebration.


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