A Day of Integration and Prayer . . .

Opening of the Integration Prayer

At 8:30 am, the spirited and animated gathering prayer using   empty glasses  and   water  as symbols started the day. Sr. Stella-Marie Llerin led the participants in the flow of the liturgy as well as the purpose of the day – of prayer which she stressed as “a day to reflect, integrate and gather all the insights and experiences” on the entire duration of the individual’s journey of this summer course.

She provided the guidelines on the flow of the day’s activities as well as the guide for deeper reflection and communion to God.  After the prayer, the participants went in their sacred spaces but requested to meet with their integration group at 2:30 in the afternoon to come up with the group’s metaphor and thanksgiving prayer.

Confession followed at 4:00 in the afternoon while the Eucharistic celebration commenced at 5:30 pm. It was a solemn celebration which concluded the day.  For integration of the whole experiences, participants offered individual metaphors to begin with the celebration.  Similarly, after the holy communion, each integration group likewise presented the synthesized metaphor and articulated these thanksgiving prayers:

JUSTICE (Bernard, Mia, Mating & Sundeep)

Metaphor:  Lighted candle

God of Light, we bring you this lighted candle, a symbol of our being one with you.  May the light of this candle continue to shine in all people especially those in the margins. May you continue to bind us together in a common vision and goal in reaching out to all our brothers and sisters whom we are committed to serve. Loving God, may the learning and realizations that we obtained throughout our summer classes will serve as the fire within us that would radiate in our whole being. May you always guide us in all our undertakings as we bring Your Person to others. We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Amen

FREEDOM (Butch, Mai, Elsa & Peter)

Metaphor:  plant

O God, we offer this plant which symbolizes our future life that will give shade and bear fruit of Your Love for others.  We give you thanks for your constant goodness bestowed on us everyday. We are grateful to you for being with us every moment, time and place especially during this entire summer course. May you guide us in our undertaking as we proclaim the love and faithfulness we had experienced to people in different cultures. May you also show us the way, the truth and the light. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

PEACE (Nold, Elai, Gina, Luz & Titus)

Metaphor:  seeds, footprints, ring, tears

Lord, we thank you for guiding us to travel along the roads of life . . .

. . . like seeds, we may grow wherever we are planted.

. . . Your footprints, assures your divine presence in our lives.

. . . like a ring, we may always be connected to you, to our fellow human beings and to mother earth.

. . . and our tears that wash our whole being.

We thank you for making us the instrument of your peace. In Jesus. Amen.

HOSPITALITY (Marjo, Sundeep, Revlin & Titing)

Metaphor:  dried stem coiled with fresh vine and leaves

God of the Universe, thank you for gathering back our broken pieces into whole again. For making us bridges that connect us to those in the margins. For transforming our vision into the mission of Christ that connects us to each other, to be transformed, to be reconciled, to be renewed, to have a new world, and to celebrate new LIFE.

SOLIDARITY (Nene, Flor, Simone, Elsie & Toto with the Fr. Percy)

Metaphor:  spiral

We, Elsie, Toto, Flor, Simon and Nene thank God for having gathered us in EUNTES. In our missionary commitment, we discovered a new vision that leads us towards inclusivity and interconnectedness. In this journey, we are inspired by the stories of the good Samaritan and of the Samaritan woman, who both were able to go beyond their boundaries and reaching out those in the margins.  Help us God of our Mission to build a world where there are healing relationships among peoples, and communion with the cosmos. Help us God to celebrate what is right in the world. Amen

HARMONY (Pons, Haide, Roberta & Efren with Fr. Percy)

Loving God, our being gathered together here in Euntes to share with one another the connectedness of life and to celebrate its beauty in our everyday encounter with nature is not by accident but Your Will. Thank you for allowing us to see with a renewed vision this beautiful and meaningful experienced of journeying and walking together side by side with our pilgrims in Euntes. Through the metaphor of eyeglasses help us that our spirits may be enlightened and guided by Your Holy Spirit for us to realize and understand that we are but Your loving children and brothers and sisters of the same family. As one family with common vision to serve and love, we humbly pray to You that You grant us Your encompassing grace so that we may see the light of hope, faith and love and be transformed by Your Holy Spirit to live a harmonious life.  Amen.


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