By:  Bro. Rustico Lumbo, FMS  from Gen. Santos, Philippines

Our course in the second week, Personal Wellness of a Missionary with Earnest Tan, motivated us to take a journey inward. The process was skillfully facilitated. I saw myself entering into the journey very nicely. In God’s grace, I was able to quickly name my major issues in life. It was indeed an awesome experience as I felt myself gradually transforming into a new person. As if it was an awakening from a long nightmare into a beautiful and liberating experience of a glorious morning! The seed of being able to reclaim my self-acceptance and self-confidence has begun to grow beautifully in the once dry and hard soil of low self-esteem that has now been cultivated, moistened and softened with God’s love and compassion.

Sharing on a Personal Wellness of a Missionary

Thank you, Lord, for you make me feel “brand new”! Thanks, too, for the gift of persons such as Earnest Tan, my co-participants and Euntes staff. Grant me the grace to continuously nurture that growing seed of self-acceptance and self-confidence so that it may grow into a healthy plant that will constantly bloom for your glory. Amen.


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