By Sr. Therry Salatum, MFIC of PNG

My reflection on the theme: ‘Wellness of a Missionary’ that was facilitated by our presenter Earnest Tan brought back to mind the Activity Sheet –REQUISITES FOR PERSONAL GROWTH AND CHANGE which I found was very helpful for myself as ‘a missionary’ when I took time to reflect more on what those nine requisites entail for me.

Rate yourself using the scale 1 to 5, “1” referring to “minimal application” and “5” referring to “maximum application”. Upon reflection on those nine requisites I found myself happy and fulfilled in some ways because of the growth that has taken place in my life as a result of living a contemplative way of life that enhances those requisites to come alive for me as a person along the way.

Sr. Therry and behind Sr. Goretti of Bangladesh

I found myself scoring between 3 and 4 for those nine requisites and I can thank my God for his/her good Spirit within that has enabled me to listen again and again like “a disciple” to each given situation I have found myself in over the last 27 years  of my life as a ‘Missionary Franciscan Sister’.

The requisite point number 5 is the one I scored high on because in truth I am a person who is not afraid to take risk at times and that has enabled me to stretch a bit more each time on my God given potentials.

I find all nine requisites as very worthwhile tools or means of enabling myself as a missionary to grow in truth and inner freedom to be the person whom Jesus the Missionary can use for the service of his kingdom here on earth. Jesus was clear in his proclamation as the son whom the father sent to redeem us: “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full”.

From my reflection on finding God in the margins and looking at the great harvest for the kingdom which the ‘signs of times’ has been portraying to us from all the corners of the world I can say here that the greatest challenge for us as Missionaries of this 21st Century has to be one of ‘taking risk’ if I want to survive and gain new life. The Holy Spirit is the giver of life and this Spirit alone will continue to give life no matter what happens. I only have to do my part to collaborate with the Holy Spirit and growth will take place.

NB. – To see the activity sheet in question, go to Tan, Earnest L. Living Life Fully: Requisites for Personal Growth and change. Quezon City: Spiritus Works Publication, 1993.


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