Sr. Julia with Fr. Giulio Mariani, PIME the EMC Director

I am so happy to study in Euntes School. Why? Because I can reflect on my life and can pray comfortably. I have been here at the Euntes Mission Center in Zamboanga City for almost a month. The day following my arrival, I joined the Euntes community on an exposure to Basilan Island where we visited, among other things, a Badjao community. This was part of the module by Father Angel Calvo, CFM, who led us into Experiencing God in the Margins.

After that came Earnest Tan who made us aware of the importance of the Personal Wellness of Missionaries. We were able to touch base with ourselves, discovering our personal gifts. Every day, we had group sharing on our past life. I felt God was telling me to listen more to my feelings. In this one a month of formation here I find myself happier and my life changed for the better. I can see, listening to my attitude and myself, that now I find it easier to accept the correction of others.

I feel that God’s spirit is really working in me. This course changes me a lot and transforms me, having become more aware of my past mistakes and brokenness. I feel God is speaking through my own body, heart, eyes, ears and my mouth enabling me to listen, and to speak out. God is also telling me” do not separate yourself from your community”. Community life is very important in my life.

The meaning of Mission Today is crossing barriers through dialogue with other cultures and religions. I learned that by means of the learned presentation of Father Edgar S Javier, SVD.

I was reflecting on my own missionary life, asking myself how I must dialogue with other religious. I have become aware of the challenges of the signs of the time in the light of the Spirit. For this reason, all of us religious men and women must always be open and listen to the inner voice of the Spirit.

Reflecting on that, I cannot begin to imagine how much God loves me and I appreciate more the great gifts I have received from God alone. I love my vocation and I also love my mission, following the footsteps of Jesus Christ and walking the same way with Him. Like Mary, the first Evangelizing woman, went out to visit Elizabeth and stayed with her, so I have to go out and have to love the poor people. If I love mission, then I really need to open my mind, heart and eyes to see and hear the voice of the poorest who are suffering. My vocation is for mission, but first of all, I have to begin in my community life, creating communion, good relationship with my sisters, and building union in one mind, one heart and one soul. I think, without love we can’t do mission but with love we can do everything. Thank you. God bless you!

Sr. Julia from Myanmar


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