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With grateful hearts, we the Junior sisters of the Missionary Sisters of the Queen of the Apostles, (SRA) thanking God for His graciousness to us especially on this 2nd week of September 2010  when we had the opportunity to attend a Marian course, “ MARY IN THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH”,  at Euntes Mission Center. More

“MARY: Mother of God – Source of Inspiration and Joy”

Last week, September 13 to 17, Sister Kathleen Coyle, SCC, was our speaker at the EMC. She spoke about Mary and the Mission of the Church. What follows is the personal reflection of one of the participants.

“MARY: Mother of God – Source of Inspiration and Joy”

By: Jovie S. Emmanuel, EDC

Mary, who has become the God’s dwelling place through whom God works out His mysteries. Mary, the first missionary carries and communicates the Spirit – – – The Spirit of Jesus. By her humility, Elizabeth was humbled by her presence, the Mother of God, what a blessing for Elizabeth and for all of us that by her obedience and the

From left: Jovie, Sr. Therry & Sr. Kathleen the speaker

“yes” – the “Fiat” of Mary, the expression of her total surrender to the unique and eternal Word of God restored the friendship between God and humankind is finally realized and for which our faith is rooted: Jesus is truly God and truly Man.

The Song of Mary, the “Magnificat” –  like Mary, it also expresses  the deepest feeling of our souls that seek the truth that finds its fulfillment in the greatness of the God which brings us to the heights of becoming truly and essentially human. . . One who is looked upon, being favored, loved and chosen in all our lowliness, fragilities and frailties. We are blessed! – God has done great things for us . . . His mercy goes beyond our weakness, limitations and sins. By His grace, we are made worthy to come into His presence. More

Migrant/Entering a New culture

By Sr. Julia

Brother Raphael and I arrived in Euntes Mission Center on July 3, 2010 at 6.30 am. We were welcome by Fr. Giulio and some of the participants. There were many surprises for me as I had to deal with many cultural differences.  At the same time I was challenged by my new culture…I discovered myself as a migrant..

From left Fr. Rico, Sr. Teresa Mueda, DC the speaker of Mission & Migration and Sr. Julia



By:  Sr. Therry, mfic

The author of the following reflection notes that “this is my story as a ‘migrant’ trying to connect it to Fr. Ramon’s module on “Breaking Open God’s Word” which I see is very significant in our or my life as a pilgrim”.

Why the scripture passage: (John 8: 1 – 11) is special to me. More

On the Feast of the TRIUMPH OF THE CROSS

“Love That Goes Beyond”

Jovie S. Emmanuel, EDC

Somewhere down in our human frailties

Lies the victory of the wooden cross

That speaks of its triumphant cause

For a much greater LOVE. . .

A love that goes beyond

The joy of living in the world

Of misery and poverty . . .

But a love that will bring about

Hope for what we live for

And to die for . . .

A call for a sensitivity

Of what our eyes can see;

Of what our hearts can feel;

Of what our minds can think of . .

Yet, at the dawn of the new day,

May we come to realize

To a greater challenge

Of what we can be . . .

Like HIM, upon the cross

Can bring His infinite glory

That is within us.

Sep 14, 2010 – Sharing on John 3: 13-17

By:  Sr. Julia of Myanmar

My dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning!  Today is the feast of Exaltation of the Holy cross.  The Cross is the power of God.

The crucifixion of Jesus took place on a lonely hill outside the city, all his friends and followers having fled. If someone at the time had suggested that his death would be the most remembered death in human history, it would have seemed completely absurd.

Paul says: “for the story of the Cross is foolishness to those who are on the way to destruction, but it is the power of God to those who are on the way to salvation” (1 Cor 1:18). And yet it is true. Jesus’ death is the most remembered death in human history.

The cross is about the power of God. Everyone wants to feel power and have control over others. Power involves use of physical strength, money, possession, advance technology.

But the cross has changed everything. It speaks of weakness, defeat, failures, and death.

The Son of God dies on the cross and there is no one to save him from this tragedy and shame. As the book of Deuteronomy has it: “God’s curse rests on him who hangs on a tree” (21:23). But what for us is seen as a weakness and shame, for God is the material to show His power. The weakness of the Son of God gives power to every Christian; the shame of the Son of God takes away the shame of sin in our lives; the death of the Son of God gives life to everyone who believes in him.

The cross is about God’s love. In every heart there is fear of death and judgment. We do not want to go to hell forever; we are afraid of being judged at the end of our life, because we sense that our lives are not the example of holiness. Deep in our hearts we know that it is impossible to redeem ourselves, to cheat death and avoid the consequences of our wrong decisions. It is beyond our power to escape the grip of death with its fear. And yet, in every heart there is also longing for happiness. But it happens that we are the ones destroying our happiness. Sin ruins our lives. Sin brings fear of judgment. Sin leads to death. We are aware of that but we do not know how to be free from its power.The love of God can do that for each one of us. It speaks about God who is with us in our joys but also in our sufferings and sorrows. The Son of God has died for us, so that we can live and give witness to the transforming power of his death for us.

St. Augustine said: “God who created you without asking you will not save you without consulting you” Now God consults us. Do you want to be saved?

REFLECTION—- The wage of sin is death. But JESUS has the antidote for sin. Do I want to be healed? Do I really want to be saved?


Jovie S. Emmanuel, EDC

Coming from a community, whose spirituality calls for a love in action, silence and harmony resonates the search of my innermost desires.  This is an invitation and a challenge for me to live it out. Each one of us may find ourselves called for a certain mission and spirituality of what we believe in our hearts and moves us in finding meaning of who we are and of what we are doing. More

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