by Jovie S. Emmanuel, EDC

This week’s inputs on Mission & Migration and Mission of Inter-religious Dialogue shared by Sr. Teresa Rueda, DC and by the Silsilah Team respectively resonate well in my very own vocation and mission…a migrant myself, who is in pilgrimage of this world on its way back to her God. I am a stranger afraid of this world, yet I who was wounded in life at an early age am not alienated from the pains and sufferings of those who are exploited and abused.

Ms Aminda Saño, Silsilah's President

I believe each one of us has our own story to tell . . . this is our Good News, our Gospel to proclaim to the lonely, broken, poor, abandoned, abused and exploited that there is a God who loves us very much.

Friendship with God comes in a package deal that all is wrapped up even with things we do not like such as our biases and prejudices, the uncertainties and our insecurities. Yet, God has always his ways which surprise us. He always finds us at the ends of our limits, that is, when we find ourselves at the end of the road is where the journey from within begins. . . it is the beginning of the road where God makes both ends meet – our strengths and weaknesses find their resting place bringing about  all that  we are in the compassion, mercy and love of God.

Friendship with God is a challenge that calls for a living presence in our world today – – to be with and be God’s presence in the people whom we serve, to immerse ourselves in the sufferings and pains of all those who are exploited, abused and neglected as Jesus did when He washed the feet of this disciples. A call to true humility that gives so much hope to the hopelessness of the wounded and helps them restore her/his dignity as human being and a child of God.


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