By Julia

Last week, September 27 to October 1, guided by Fr. Giulio Mariani, PIME, we, the Euntes participants, had our one week community retreat. During the retreat days we left all non-essentials behind and spent the time in silence and solitude with our Divine friend through daily meditation, prayer, listening to , encountering and experiencing the presence of God in our midst.

More time was spent for conscious and active participation in the daily Eucharistic celebration, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, individual and community group sharing and silence on the Euntes grounds. In fact, I could really concentrate and enjoy a sense of peace in my inner mind and heart.


Mass on the opening of the retreat by Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, PIME the Retreat Master

The most important thing for the guide and the seeker is openness to the Holy Spirit. I absolutely agree with this statement because I made that experience. According to our country and province tradition (Myanmar), we always do groups retreats. In one of the retreats I found an obstacle in retreat master. I had to struggle hard to go through that retreat. I overcame the problem and was able to do my retreat well only by opening to the Holy Spirit. I simply prayed to the Spirit of the Lord: you are my retreat master, guide me and heal me.

We need experience. Experience is the best teacher in our life. In the past I understood the meaning of a retreat as preparation for something like the vows. Now I realize that retreat means seeking God and His will for our life. I think all human beings need retreat especially Religious. We are called to fulfil the will of God in our life. Retreats help us making the right decisions.

I reflected whether we need the guide all the time. Of course we need. However our guide will not be always a person many times can be the Bible and sometimes some event can be our guide. We must be first of all a deeply spiritual person so that he/ she can best show the way to God.

The deepest part of ourselves is reserved for God, and we know that to love the Lord our God is the heartbeat of our mission.

(Slide show of some photos during the retreat)

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