Bangladeshs’ Day

At the beginning of the Euntes course the participants are given a ‘Proposed Guide for Country’s Creative Presentation’.Main Purpose of the Presentation: To understand the different concerns of mission, appreciate the richness of Asia-Pacific cultures and learn the ways of inter-connectedness in the spirit of renewed mission.

Participants from the same country get together and prepare the program that can take the whole morning followed by a ‘Socialization Night’ after supper. The following pictures are part of the Bangladeshs’ Day celebrated on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

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By Jovie Emmanuel


Ms Ida Giguiento the resource person

Today, October 13, 2010, the readings of the Mass (Galatians 5:18-25; Luke 11:42-46) speak so much of our week’s topic on MISSION of PEACEMAKING. (The module is presented by Ms. Ida M. Giguiento). We hear Paul say: “When you are led by the Spirit you are not under the Law”. The experience I had playing the “conflict game” led me to a realization of how much I tend to conform myself to the instructions even at the expense of getting the other’s property.

This experience reflects the kind of reality of a society that we have. Laws which are implemented do not address what is really for the common good or the needs of the poor rather they only answer the interest and needs of the powerful and influential people.

Aware of the injustices and violence around us, I ask myself: where do we find ourselves amidst these realities? Are we one of those St. Paul calls “Pharisees” and whom Jesus criticizes? Are we the kind of people who love to be attended with reserved seat rather than serving others?  Are we one of those who love to be greeted with respect rather than reaching out to others?  Are we one of those who always complain and put the burden on others rather than helping and accompanying others unload their burdens?

Jesus in today’s Gospel urges us not to neglect justice and love of God.  I believe justice is protecting and preserving the rights and dignity of a person and working for justice calls for a greater demand of SELFLESSNESS and LOVE – – – it is not for our own personal interest but for the interest of others even at the expense of our very own lives.

It is also to remain steadfast in the Spirit in all out efforts in building the Kingdom of God which bears the fruit that will bring about joy and peace.

(Slide show of some photos during the lectures & activities)


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