Today seventeen people, lay, religious and ordained, hailing from different countries of Asia and the Pacific, received their Mission Crosses and their Diploma attesting to their having successfully completed their Mission Formation and Spirituality course at Euntes Mission Center in Zamboanga City.

The course had started last July 1st. In the next few days the participants will leave the Center to return to resume their former assignments or to take on new ones.

The Euntes Program, run by the PIME Missionaries in cooperation with the OND Sisters (Oblates of Notre Dame), is intended for all people who seek to be at the service of God’s mission especially in the local Churches of Asia and Pacific. It aims at a renewed mission formation and spirituality that reflects the freshness of life in the Spirit of Jesus, the model missioner and evangelizer. This Program seeks to invite adult participants to be engaged in a process of learning the ways of discipleship of our time and context.

The Sending Ceremony took place during a solemn Eucharistic Celebration presided by Father Giulio F. Mariani, PIME, Director of the Center and concelebrated by Fr. Gianni Re, PIME Regional Superior in the Philippines, Fr. Sebastiano D’Ambra, PIME, Past President of Silsilah Movement and Fr. Angel Calvo, CFM, Euntes Staff Consulter. Several visitors, all associated with the participants, were in attendance.

At the end of the celebration, the participants were given the Euntes Cross, symbol of their mission commitment, and were awarded their Euntes Diplomas.

The following is the text of the homily given by Father Mariani:

Saturday of the Thirty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Revelation 22:1-7; Luke 21: 34-36

The countdown is over…you are on the launching pad and all systems are ‘go’ and you are ready to take off…You  have been together for the past five months and it’s time to go…to reach out…Euntes in mundum universum…That’s the reality of the Euntes Mission Center.

When you arrived last July, you were strangers to one another because you had come from different places and you were of different nationalities, cultures, languages and personal experiences. Each one of you, with your set of God-given ‘talents’, set out on a journey together and slowly grew into the Euntes family, brothers and sisters in the same mission of wanting to spread the Good News of the love of God, and go and tell the story of Jesus with your life more than with your words.

The time is now because you are about to go and reach out to your brothers and sisters, especially to those in the margins. You are ready to reach out aware that you are being sent to tear down barriers and cross boundaries in order to enter in dialogue with different cultures and religions in a highly secularized and globalized world, a world that suffers because human beings have dealt arrogantly with the integrity of creation for so long and the 11th hour has now sounded its death knell!

We celebrate our Euntes Mission Sending Ceremony in the context of the Eucharist because we know that it is here that we find the food for our mission journey. It is here where we can drink abundantly of the all embracing love of God, drinking of the Word and eating the Bread of Life, our Burning Bush.

On days such as this, we normally propose special readings, but I decided to use the readings of the day to give our small gathering an ecclesial breath and dimension. We wish to be a renewed Church, ready to shift paradigms and welcome the challenge of inculturation, prepared to break open the Word of God to all who suffer or are afflicted because they are women, children, migrants, refugees, in prison or in hospitals, all of them marginalized.

Tomorrow Advent starts. Missionaries are people who live permanently in the spirit of Advent, preparing and longing for the coming of the Kingdom all year long. Missionaries cry out: Marana tha! Come, Lord Jesus! with the witness of their life as they always try to listen as lovers and dreamers to the Voices that challenge.

In today’s first Reading the angel shows John, the Seer, a ‘river’ that flows from under the throne of God and of the Lamb. On either side of the river grows ‘the tree of life’ bearing fruit every month and its leaves ‘serve as medicine for the nations’.

These words speak of the inauguration of the Kingdom that you and I are called to build every day for we know that the Kingdom is already present among us, but not yet fully realized.

Yesterday, synthesis reflections day, was the day of truth for your integration group and each one of you…you chose symbols and key words to express your commitment to go and build the Kingdom…May your ‘word’ become flesh/ history in the same way that the Eternal Word of God, the Missionary of the Father, became flesh and history.

Today’s Gospel page gives us the two guiding imperatives for our mission journey: Vigilance and prayer…”Be vigilant at all times and pray that you have the strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent and to stand before the Son of Man.”

There is joy in your heart, eager as you are to return to your various assignments and put to practice what you have learned and experienced here. Your Bishops, your Superiors and your local communities are joyfully looking forward to your return counting on you to bring a breath of fresh air because of your renewed mission formation and spirituality.

There is also a twinge of sadness as you say goodbye to friends you have become close to over the past few months. Fond memories of the days spent in the ‘warm and cozy nest’ that Euntes proved to be for all of you will surely be there, but the time has come for you to be true to your name for you are the Euntes community/ the Reach Out community!

There is joy in the hearts of all the Euntes Staff for bringing to a successful conclusion another batch. And I assure you that there is joy in the heart of the PIME Missionaries who, after working for over a hundred and sixty years with a special attention for Asia and the Pacific, founding many local Dioceses and spreading the Good News revealed in the story of Jesus, see themselves prevented from going to some of these countries because of Visa restrictions…they see in each of you one very precious extension, trusting that Euntes has succeeded in transmitting to you some of its mission charisma.

May Mary, Queen of the Apostles, Star of Evangelization, accompany you as you go and tell your story weaving it with the story of Jesus, her Son.

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At the end of the so-called Euntes long course (July 1 to November 30), the participants are asked to prepare a reflection synthesis of all they learned and experienced before they ‘go and reach out’ (‘Euntes’) to their communities.

The entire morning of Friday, November 26, was dedicated to this a special activity.

The purpose of the activity is for all the participants to gather significant INSIGHTS of personal and community experiences in their Euntes Journey based on their SENSE OF PURPOSE, and in view of their RE-ENTRY to a new mission context. In short, they are asked to make sense of their 5-month Euntes journey.

The participants are invited to look back, within and around while looking foreword seeing themselves as servants of God’s mission nurturing, sustaining and sharing their new vision for a renewed mission in the Church.

In the actual presentation each member of an integration group is given an opportunity to articulate her/his own personal reflection synthesis, after which each integration group will CREATIVELY PRESENT a summary of the COLLECTIVE MISSIONARY SYMBOL of a group as Harmony, Fidelity, Hospitality and Solidarity.



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Thursday, November 25, the Euntes participants rose very early and went downtown to join the thousands of Zamboanga residents who turned out to participate in a two-hour long parade that marked the start of the local celebration of the Week of Peace 2010.

This has been a tradition ever since the Center has reopened in 2007. This is very much in accord with the Vision and Mission of Euntes which proposes ‘mission today’ as crossing borders, breaking barriers and bridging people of different religions, cultures and nationalities through dialogue, building hope and understanding toward peace and reconciliation.

In fact, the annual parade brings together Zamboanguenos from different faiths, customs, language and traditions. The participants are Catholics, Christians, Muslims and Indigenous People from all walks of life, young and old, and they come together to participate and engage in relevant activities to think, speak, act and dream peace, renewing their commitment for peace-building in the community.

The parade and the week-long peace activities are sponsored by the Inter-Religious Solidarity Movement for Peace (IRSMP) whose lead convener is Father Angel Calvo, CFM, President of Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ).


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