A Message of Thanksgiving for Sr. Teri Mueda – May 18, 2011

Sr. Teri,  you have journeyed with us to the reality of migration and mission. — From the situationer which stirred in us different emotions and reactions…
destabilizing us  and  impelling us to  articulate  our present  wilderness  and the different   passages we  are passing through  and  have gone through.

The  journey of Isaac, Moses, the  Samaritan woman and  others allowed  us to be  affirmed once more by  God’s frightening  and  boundless fidelity and  love  for  us  through the endless  interruptions and  interventions.

What you have brought into the open is overwhelming. We are   both INSPIRED and CHALLENGED. It provided us  a venue to  get  in touch with the  areas in our  life we  being  called to  have a  break-through and to  grow.

We hope we will not forget that to journey with the migrants is to desire   A-I-P (A- Accompany, I – illumine and P – proximity)

Whenever we  are shaken, may we  never forget not  to b e afraid to  fall for  God is  waiting down  there to  recreate us because when God  wants  to re-create, God will break us into  pieces first.

Gikan sa kinauyukan sa  among   kasing-kasing, MADAMU GID  NGA  SALAMAT SR. TERE.


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