May 20, 2011 – Eucharistic Celebration

MAGIC WORDS:  Father Percy Bacani, MJ, the Celebrant and the Resource person who presented the module on Mission of Reconciliation,  asked all the participants to write and/ or design the ‘magic words’ that most significantly summarized their Euntes experience during the Summer Program 2011.

Sr.  CAROL:   “I came, I saw, I listened…. I am CHARGED”

Norie:   “I am blessed”

Archie:   “God has RECREATED me so intensely!”

Agii:  “Believe and you will SEE the beauty of your life”


Rochelle:   “I am refreshed   and renewed”

Au au: “Grace filled experience of Interruption, thanks be to GOD”

Larry:  “Strangers…. To companions.  Partners in God’s Mission!”


Sr. Nenette:  “GOD….  Your goodness cannot be outdone”

Leah:   “LOVE”

Lhyn:  “God’s  LOVE  means  Sharing”

Noli:  “Inspired with visions of God’s creation, knowing my mission, knowing yself”

Carlo:  PERCY = Personal Encounters Revealing  Christ’s Yearnings

Glaire:   “Burning Passion!  Thank you Lord.”

Nidz:   “I feel renewed”

Terry:  “God is recreating me!  Prodigality”

Ivy:  “I am greatly challenged and deconstructed…I love you Lord!”

Joy:  “I have to believe in myself.   New Paradigm”

Naz:  “I’m deconstructed and reclaimed”

Vina:  “Thanks to EUNTES”

Cris:  “Thanks for my presence here”


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