My Euntes’ Journey

By Sr. Terry, OND

The whole “package” of the of speakers, exposures, the group that I belonged, the Euntes community, the wonderful place and the ample time for reflection provided a venue for me to experience a “coming home” to myself, to experience a re-creation and grounding on the assuring love of God. These all became possible because of the EUNTES’ prodigality and love for the mission of God.

It is a coming –home because I was made to get in touch to my context: myself, significant others in my life and my other issues in life. In letting myself be interrupted by the paradigm of “dialogue, peace and reconciliation”, I also experienced unsettling and I saw myself as a broken person. Part of me was calling to be free!  As I radically accept my being, my context I knew God is recreating me. I understand that I need to constantly affirm my being “God’s beloved” before I can be a sign of God’s love and hope to others and to the rest of God’s creation especially to those in the  margins and migrants. I am continually amazed by God’s love for me. I know God is not a promising a journey free from the “tsunamis/tornadoes” in life but I am assured of God’s grace to be always there. I just have to believe in the possibilities and the grandeur of the beautiful God in me, in the people I will be with and in the rest of God’s creation. I just have to be open and to welcome the daily surprises of life because God is not done with me yet.

Euntes Summer 2011 program helped me prepare myself for my next mission engagement by preparing the missionary in me. I am being called to be prodigal, to cross myself set boundaries and be at home to the Passages: from the KNOWN to the UNKNOWN…   from “ROOTEDNESS” and “BELONGING”  to being an ALIEN and AT HOME in every place I go.   I wish will be a PRESENCE that illuminates, that gives flavor and that transforms as Jesus is to the people regardless of the “others” differences in culture, belief, status in life but  most especially to the “unlovable”, to those in the margins. I wish I could be a voice to the voiceless and a voice that helps other see what is right and wrong in their life and in the ituation and structure. I wish I would learn to dance the tune of being a missionary while being a migrant myself.  I also wish that Euntes will continue its ministering to the missionaries so that many can have the opportunity that I enjoyed.

Muchas Gracias,  Domo Arigato, Magsukol tuod, Salamat han inyo kaupay, maraming salamat po, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. God’s prodigality be with all those who are involve in your ministry. Goodbye for now, but I hope to be here again in the future. 


By: Fr. Naz A. Sawey, MJ

Fr. Naz A. Sawey, MJ

The EUNTES Summer course is one of the programs that I followed during this year of my sabbatical. My purpose in following the one-month summer “Euntes-journey” is just to take a break from the so-called, “ordinary” routine of my being a religious missionary priest in the  mountains of Mindanao and to search for a new meaning in my life-journey. At the same time, in order for me to be renewed, revitalized and hopefully re-claim a new vigor of doing missionary work.

My exposure with the Samal-Bajaus in Basilan, though very short, opened my eyes to see another reality of the margins that depicts the “face” of God in this world. I had been used of seeing the “face” of God among the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria, when I was a missionary there for ten good years; to the student-seminarians, when I was a formator at Maryhurst   eminary in Baguio City; to the Ibaloi tribe in the mountains of Sablan, Benguet, when I did my mission there; and to the Indigenous peoples in the mountains of Davao del Sur. Each group has its own unique way of revealing the presence of God. But, I would like to highlight my familiarity and concern on the flight of the Lumads, particularly the Tagakaulos of Malita, Davao del Sur, in their struggle for survival, as well as their persistent re-claiming of their ancestral domain. It is in this mission that I was able to recognize the “marginalized face”of God.

In Basilan during our one day exposure

On the other hand, this “marginalized face” of God was once more encountered when our group went to the Samal-Bajau community, in Maluso, Basilan. The community is not depicting the Indigenous “face” of God of the mountains, but rather, the innocent, simple and again discriminated and almost forgotten “face” of God of the Sea.  These are one of the groups of people in the margins of Mindanao who are also searching for the meaning of their existence and in their simple and humble gestures, revealing the wonderful and dynamic presence of God. Thanks to the “well-versed,” long time and great Claretian Missionary in Mindanao, in the person of Fr. Angel Calvo, CMF, who, with full of knowledge and confidence,  patiently accompanied the group in our journey to see and be able to encounter the “Sites of God” among the margins of Basilan and Zamboanga city.

Furthermore, coupled with all the various modules that were delivered by the different reliable Theologians in the Post-modern times, the “Euntes-journey” paved me the way to refocus myself and my understanding towards a renewed mission of the church. With all the topics such as:  a.)”The Word of God in the Mission of the Church” by Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD,  b.) the “Inculturation and Filipino Catechesis,” facilitated by the long time Lay Theologian, Dr. Jose de Mesa,  c.) the topic on “Shifting Paradigms: Culture-Mission-Church” by another Filipino Lay Theologian, Dr. Emmannuel S. de Guzman,  d.) the Issue on “Mission and Migration” conducted by Sr. Ma. Teresa Mueda, DC, and finally,  e.) the passionate presentation of Fr. Percy Bacani, MJ on “Mission of Reconciliation,” are all significant subject matters that provoked me to radically reflect and to re-evaluate my so-called “overdue” paradigm of theologizing and doing mission.

Through the different well-versed and experienced speakers, the “Euntes-journey” challenged and inspired me to be more open to “deconstructions,” and to do “paradigm-shifts” in order to be able to re-claim and re-create myself towards a renewed and more meaningful mission. I hope and pray that the Euntes  Mission Center and its renewed missionary aradigms will still courageously continue challenging and inspiring more agents of evangelization and missionaries of goodwill. If it is not possible for the other nationalities at this point in time in the history of Zamboanga and/or Mindanao, due to security reasons, then at least for the “open-minded” Filipino missionaries and agents of evangelization. Long Live Euntes Mission Center!  Carry on the Missio Dei!


It had been my wish to be an effective and affective missionary in my life.  However, it entails getting out of my “comfort zone” and being ready and open to be “deconstructed” in all my worldviews. By being able to read and analyze the signs of the times that demand a radical “paradigm shift” of theologizing and doing mission is always a challenge. Thanks to the one month summer program of my “Euntes-journey.” Together with my co-sojourners, I was able to re-claim myself and be ready to face another challenge towards a renewed missionary endeavor.” (Naz Sawey, MJ)

Reflection Synthesis of Sr. Norie

1.   What has been your most significant “EUNTES-journey” experience that challenged and inspired you towards a renewed
mission of the Church?

Norie C. Allosa, ond-mn

I know I’ll never be the same again!

As a novice preparing myself for the mission, it is truly a privilege to be here  at Euntes.  My Euntes-journey was a profound experience.   Our everyday session taught me to put always my feet on the ground with which I found it the radical way of following JESUS.  As I listen and reflect day by day, I am truly INTERRUPTED.  Sometimes it took time to digest the realities. The impact to respond the call is so strong and challenging.   My heart and mind were opened and it is always on the process of deconstruction and reconstruction of  thoughts, beliefs and actions.  I believe that SHIFTING PARADIGMS would be an answer to the questions.

I am truly recreated and challenged to make a difference in the mission of the church.  Now is the BEST TIME, tomorrow might be too late….

My Deep gratitude to EUNTES and my co-participants as well.!

2.  How do you wish to sustain the spirit of God’s mission (Missio Dei) in your missionary life?

I want to sustain the Spirit of GOD’s mission in my missionary life by simply having a isposition that is authentic, hopeful, open and responsive to make the CHURCH ALIVE!

Norie C. Allosa, ond-mn

Reflection Synthesis of Sr. Au-Au

1.  What has been your most significant “EUNTES-journey” experience that challenged and inspired you towards a renewed mission of the Church?


In my EUNTES-journey my most significant experience is the experience of  God’s prodigality of  love and re-creation, that pushed me to my own edges but liberated me from my personal bondage. Re-telling personal and “shameful” experience in front of the many whom you don’t really know that much, takes a lot of courage and trust, but God’s surprises and grace comes in your most unexpected time, and that very moment when I told the story of my niece was a time God’s personal revelation and my personal conversion, and it is a grace moment for me. It is but true that Mission really starts from oneself, within me is a vast field of interruptions.  I may have not articulated all the interruptions but the conscious  awareness of it is already something. Yes, I would say that this EUNTES journey is an EUNTES to myself who is marginalized within in so many ways and at the same time could also be the center of power.  Both interplays, and realizing this mean I can be an instrument of others’ liberation and reconciliation on the other hand if I won’t be conscious and attentive with my own dangerous memories, restlessness, wilderness or however it may be called, I can be the source of others’ marginalization. It is then very necessary to be in constant dialogue with oneself, others, culture and creation to have a better perspective, a better paradigm and a better relationship.
My personal experience of freedom and all these realization challenged and inspired me towards a renewed mission of the church. The task ahead would not be that easy but I believe it is possible I may not see the fruit in my life time but in God’s perfect time. 

2. How do you wish to sustain the spirit of God’s mission (Missio Dei) in your missionary life?

I wish to sustain my Missionary life through active involvement in Christ Mission by being and walking with others, with God’s Creation and by being with Him in Solitude and prayer. Updating and Renewals like this would also be a great opportunity of sustaining and renewing the spirit of God’s Mission, as listen to the voices and face new frontiers.


Reflection Synthesis of Sr. Rochelle

1. What has been your most significant “Euntes-journey” eperience that challenged and inspired you towards a renewed mission of the church?

Sr. Rochelle Caminse, OND

I have been refreshed physically, emotionally, and spiritually in my experience here in Euntes. I did not have any regrets, since, it is also timely and fitted as I prepare to plunge myself into new mission frontier. When I arrived here I have been through interruptions of fears and anxiety. But thanks to Euntes I was able to face and manage it gracefully with the help of my companions in this summer program as well as the topics that helps me deepen my understanding towards renewed mission of the church as missionary. Actually, all of the topics are significant and substantial, and in fact it is also included the surfacing of personal issues not only social issues. We need to be founded in our faith to God in order to become effective and affective in doing our mission. The most significant experience which I have is the topic on MISSION and MIGRATION, when Sr. Tere laid before us the different faces of migrants experiences particularly in Asia, it is painful and pitiful to look at the situation of the migrants all over the world. It could be painful to walk in the shoes of the migrants, unless, one has to take off the shoes so as to walk in the same shoes that they have. The more realization I have, the more I am challenged to go into new mission frontier despite interruption I felt within.
I barely recognize and accept interruption but hearing Fr. Percy’s talk, I realized that these are little voices within that needs to be recognized, affirmed and accepted in God’s time it could settle down and burst into a seed of hope and inspiration.

I could not deny the fact that I have my own limitations and weaknesses, I have been through a lot of passages in life, those are the times of wilderness and Mt. Sinai in my life that make me accept and love who I am in the face of people to whom I give and share my being as a person and to God. These did not instantly come to me without pain and struggle; I hardly work it out and gather the broken pieces together in my life. The gathering is not finished yet, I am now convinced that the more broken I am the more effective and affective I am  in the mission. In short, I am willing and ready to “dirty my feet”  in the lives of the people whom I encounter in the mission as missionary  migrant. I want to share God’s prodigality to those people whom I encountered  and shared with passion for mission.

Thanks to Euntes and to all speakers who are generous in sharing their  knowledge and self, it helps me more to deepen my perspective and slowly but  surely changed my paradigm of understanding towards renewed mission of the  church.

2. How do you wish to sustain the spirit of God’s mission (MISSIO DEI) in your missionary life?

I wish to sustain the spirit of God’s mission in my missionary life by continuing to reclaim, re-affirm, re-gather, and re-unite the broken pieces of  my being as a person because I believe that liberating from enslavement of the  past could give vibrancy, freshness and zest for mission.

Sr. Rochelle R. Caminse, OND

May 23, 2011



1. What has been your most significant “Euntes-journey” experience that challenged and inspired you towards a renewed mission of the church?

Ivy Bayno, Missionary Novice of OND

            Subject of God’s proclamation:  the margins and the captives; deconstruction, interruption, prodigality, reclaiming and recreating, self-awareness and self-acceptance are the key words of my Euntes journey that struck, inspired, challenged and deformed me. The cry for change with the mission of the church has gradually revealed. Answers came out with the help of the different sessions we had. It is greatly a paradigm shift. My perspective on Mission has been deconstructed, interrupted and renewed. It is a vast mission that focuses to all humanity and of God’s creation, calling for renewal.

At first, I think of myself as peculiar to be exposed to these awakening seminars. My shield has slowly broken when I was bombarded with issues, challenges and truth of the mission. My journey with the margins with the help of Fr. Calvo, CMF becomes vivid when I recognized that they are victims of injustices, atrocities, poverty, of socio-political, cultural and structural abuses of today. They didn’t choose to poor.

The Word of God in the Mission of the Church, deconstructed my own perspective. Respect and sensitivity to the cultures, traditions and religions of each group is what I am called to do.  There was a metanoia happened to me with my personal experience with my family after the session I had with Fr. Edgar, SVD. What retained in my heart with his
sharing was: “A missionary must be a lover of culture, religions, spiritualities of own and others and histories.” The rapid growth of globalization, secularism, pluralism and physical destruction of ecology must never trap me to always echo and share what I have learned in this seminar. 

Inculturation with DR. Jose de Mesa awakened me to be prudent, never be judgmental to the beliefs of each individual. I must give respect to what they believe. My attitude as a missionary must be a bold humility.

My journey on Shifting Paradigms with Dr. Manny de Guzman has been interrupted and deconstructed. The paradigm that I am used to be was changed. My own paradigm may not be others’ paradigm.
With this experience, I am called to be honed and pruned, to be open to new paradigms. To do mission is to interrupt the world on behalf of God’s people.
Indeed, Mission in interruption. 

My personal encounter on Mission and Migration with Sr. Teresa, DC is calling me to walk in the shoes of the migrants, to accompany, to illumine and to proximate. My journey in the wilderness, the covenant and the promise land invited me to be grounded with my faith, vision and motivation in my missionary life. This is a continuous cycle.
The prodigality of God’s love in my journey has sustained me. I am being reminded to grip on Him despite of my vulnerabilities. I should not be afraid when I fall to the bottom because He will accompany me even if I will fall or not.

Mission of Reconciliation’s journey becomes challenging. I have been slapped with my face. Truly it is difficult to forgive to someone else if I am not yet been reconciled with my own self. Healing process is difficult to attain if I close my doors. Healing will only be attain if I open my heart for reconciliation. It requires personal transformation. I have to forgive and love myself, reclaim that I am a blessing and God’s beloved. It is about reclaiming and recreating. Self-acceptance and self-awareness plays a very significant role in reconciliation, even the awareness in God’s creation. Definitely, reconciliation of self is basically the radical self acceptance. As Fr. Carlo, CssR gave the meaning of Fr. Percy’s  name, it also summarizes my Euntes journey. Personal Encounter Revealing Christ’s Yearning. My journey is a continuous yearning of Christ. My personal encounter with Him filled my yearnings.  Now, I’m ready to go… go… on my way for mission. EUNTES!

 2.  How do you wish to sustain the spirit of God’s mission (Mission Dei) in your missionary life?

Total renewal and transformation of inner self is necessary for me to sustain the spirit of Missio Dei. I must not close my heart and mind for renewal. The people that I will be encountering in my missionary life play a big role in my journey. They are the spirit of God’s mission in my life. My groundedness to the Sacred is also important for me to have a grasp of Him. I must believe in myself that I am God’s beloved and believed likewise with themselves that they too are God’s beloved. I must widely open my heart for me to integrate to the people, to share together and sustain the spirit of God’s mission.

By Sr. Ivy Bayno

Mission Sending Eucharistic Celebration

Euntes Summer Program 2011

Saturday, May 21, the Euntes Community gathered together for the closing Liturgy of the Summer Program Toward a Renewed Mission in the Church!

The Eucharistic Celebration was started with the following introduction by Sr. Au Au:

Interruptions?  EUNTES summer course 2011 was an interruption…the past events, our present local, global and cosmic situations, the margins, the migrants… You and I can be an interruption to one another; our own personal brokenness, wilderness and restlessness…all of these are interruptions!

As we are sent forth for EUNTES towards a renewed church, more interruptions awaits us.

However, let us not forget that in every interruption there is always God’s Intervention…there is reconciliation that means to re-claim and to re-create. The process will not be easy for in every re-creation He breaks us into pieces…

After the Breaking of the Pot, as all the participants helped in gathering the broken pieces of the pot and placed them in front of the Altar. As this is done, the song Voices That Challenge is played: Call us to hear the voices that challenge, deep in the hearts of all people!  By serving your world as lovers and dreamers, we become voices that challenge, for we are the voice of God! (refrain).

The following is the HOMILY of Father Giulio F. Mariani, PIME, Director of Euntes Mission Center.

(Saturday of the Forth Week of Easter; Acts 13:44-52; – John 14:7-14)

From left: Fr. Paulo Nicelli, Fr. Giulio Mariani & Fr. Sebastiano D'Ambra

The countdown is over…you are on the launching pad and all systems are ‘go’…you are ready to take off…You have been together for the past four weeks…and it’s time to go…to reach out…Euntes in mundum universum…It is Jesus’ command!

The bonding among you has been so good and enjoyable that it is hard to have to say good-bye, but you also know that people, your brothers and sisters, especially those in the margins, are waiting for you in your old or new assignment.

That’s the reality of the Euntes Mission Center and yes…this is another ‘interruption’ in your life that marks the beginning of a new journey…you have been both inspired and challenged and you just know this is the time to GO and REACH OUT!

You came here to be a renewed Church and become a new history as I said to you in my homily on orientation day…In the past four weeks, in what can be called your Mount Sinai experience, you have been challenged and inspired to shift paradigms both in your minds and hearts, you developed a new appreciation of your culture and, discovering your migrant condition and experiencing reconciliation, you are ready to accept yourself as ‘God’s Beloved’. This means that, with greater compassion in your hearts, you want to go and break open the Word of God to all who suffer or are afflicted, crossing over all barriers and boundaries, because they are women, children, migrants, IP, refugees, in prison or in hospitals, all of them marginalized in our globalized world, …  

In the past four weeks you shared life in the prodigality of many blessings…you gifted one another with your life experiences, you shared your joys and pains, the high and low points in your ministry…you rediscovered the original sense of purpose in your call to share in the Missio Dei while opening yourselves to renewal and transformation.

Let us be grateful for all those times you shared, for those who with words and deeds have opened your eyes, your minds and hearts. Each one of you looking at the other can say (as the Song of Thanksgiving goes): You are ever a part of my life; all the good that you have shared will live on in my heart!  

I confess that when I saw the number of Priests and Brothers attending the program I was worried…membership seemed ‘clergy heavy’ as they might ‘lord it over’…I was wrong; they proved to be true ‘companions’ generously empowering the laity and women Religious. Because of this, the lay people in our midst, both single and married, were such a gift to all of us.  All the Sisters, especially the OND Novices, with their zest for life, their vibrancy and strong passion for mission have enhanced the joy and liveliness of our community. Let us be grateful.

I thank all the liturgical groups – all of you – for preparing for us, day after day, Eucharistic celebrations that were creative, simple and meaningful.

In today’s First Reading Paul quotes the OT where God had said that Israel was set aside and chosen for a special mission in the world: “I have made you a light to the Gentiles, that you may be an instrument of salvation to the ends of the earth.”

However, we know that Israel slowly forgot that their mission was MISSIO DEI and slowly they had totally turned in on hemselves and refused to change.

This can happen to us as Church if we remove ourselves from where suffering humankind is…if we distance ourselves from the sights of God’s visitation…the margins! 

We are called to be the new Paul and Barnabas today… actually reaching out to “outsiders”, people in the margins, and proclaiming to them the good news of the love and compassion of the Father.

Today’s Gospel page remind us that our brothers and sisters, especially those in the margins, are still crying out to each one of us repeating what Philip said to Jesus: “Master, show us the Father, and that will be enough for us.” We also hear Jesus’ answer:
Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.

Jesus says that he is in the Father and the Father is in him. The words Jesus speaks are not his words but the words of the Father. The works he does are the works of the Father.

 At the end of our course Towards a Renewed Mission in the Church, can we say that we and our mission work are truly a reflection/ a mirror of the love of God, our Father/ Mother?

We are aware that the insights we have received in choosing our personal prodigality…the Good Samaritan…the Good Shepherd…the Emmaus story…the Washing of the feet…the Visitation…the Adulterous Woman…will actually mark and shape our mission disposition and make a difference.

Like Paul and Barnabas and all the disciples in today’s first reading may your going-out from the Euntes community be always filled with joy and the Holy Spirit…After all as you will sing at Communion time (“Mission”)…The message we’re proclaiming is the reign of God’s Kingdom/ The offer of salvation to all of God’s creation.

 God bless you and Happy Mission Journey!


After the prayer of Post-Communion, all the participants were called out and given their Euntes Mission Cross and certificates.

The investing of the newly blessed Cross was accompanied by these words: Behold the Cross, the inseparable companion of your apostolic labors; behold your support in dangers and in difficulties; behold your comfort in life and in death. Amen.

Following the distribution of Mission crosses and Certificates, representatives of the various groups spoke words of Thanksgiving. Agnes Eugene, AGIIE, expressed her thanks in the name of the OND Novices.

Sr. Alice S. Original, OND, spoke on behalf of all the Religious sisters attending the course. Here are her words:

The  hardest  word  to  say and thing  to  do when  we  feel  so  familiar,  so comfortable,  so  relax, secure  and  happy is  to  say GOODBYE!

But then life they say is a series of   HELLOs and GOODBYEs.  Whether we like it or not, we have  to GO!  As  Father Giulio beautifully  pronounces it  with an  Italian  accent
that  would  keep on ringing  to my  mind…. EUNTES!

Surely  at this  point in  time, after  the  four weeks of  being  together… we  hate  to say
goodbye….. but deep within, we  also  would love  to  say Hello  equipped with  the
MAGIC  WORDS we – individually  articulated that  made us  at  home with  our  very
self,  and  for that ….we are  now  ready to go.

Looking back,  I  know you  would  agree with me in  saying that  our  expectations were 110 % realized….we  received more  than what  we imagined!

We  came here with  our  peculiarities and  nuances, bringing  with us  our  personal
agenda  and  the “why’s”  of  coming here.  Exposure to the margins disturbed
us but gradually made us connect.  It evoked in  us feelings  that impel  us to  hope
and become  radically involve  in transforming  realities in  the  depths  of compassion  and  solidarity.

The  experience was  substantiated by  the WORD  of GOD that put  us in the context  and  the social  processes we have  to undergo in  the  globalized world. It   urges us  to  read  the  signs  of the  times with a  new  lens, a new perspective and listen  to the  voices that challenge.  What shapes  our  world today,  challenge  our understanding of  the  Church.. thus  a  call to keep  alive the  dangerous  memory of Jesus  and  for us  to  become lovers  and  life givers and  become  a Eucharist  to  others.

Inculturation  invited us to  an  empirical understanding  of  culture that  draws  us to  the  Kagandahang loob  ng Diyos.  Shift in  Paradigm  deconstructs but offers a  vision,  a life  direction  and a  way  of  life  for  the Kin-dom of  God.  Its continuous interruption calls us to  a creative  fidelity in  re-inventing paradigms.

Mission  and Migration brought  us  to the dangerous  environment  of Holiness  where  God invades human  space through its  prodigality.  Indeed, when God wants to re-create, he breaks us into pieces…. For the more broken we are the more effective we become.
Certainly,  this  is  the  road less travelled  that  shows us  the  way home – home  with  all our vulnerabilities and   made  us realize  that unless what   we  do  arises out  of  who  we are, out  of the  integrity of  our being – it  is  not ours. Home is where we create meaning for ourselves.

To cap it all is Reconciliation – healing our web of relations.
It  says:  “God can  only  heal us when  we  bring all the broken pieces  together in  our life”.

This  is the  truth-telling  of our  stories. The  Religious Group  of this  Euntes community proclaim: “to  reclaim and recreate” ; “ be  refreshed   and renewed” ; “ a Grace filled xperience of  Interruption and Prodigality” : “ I come,  I saw,  I  listened…. I am CHARGED”; “Strangers…. to companions, Partners in God’s Mission!”; “GOD…. Your goodness cannot be outdone”.

Being   affirmed as God’s Beloved we say, Sr.  Roselle, you are a melody that is continually sung; Sr.  Telang, a liberation and Fr.  Giulio, our inspiration.   To all of you who made our stay here very meaningful, Thank you is not enough.  But let me say… GRATITUDE IS THE  MEMORY OF THE  HEART ….  We believe, and so we see! Madamo  gid nga  salamat!

Mrs. Leonidas L. Dela Cerna, NIDZ, then followed with words of thanks on behalf of Euntes Lay participants:

Life is never the same again…our life in Euntes brought us into a deeper realization that we are beautiful scarred persons; that through us, we can always tell and re-tell our own stories on how God has  re-incarnated in our lives.  God was and is always with us, in all the events of our lives. That is, if we only DARE to stop and listen to the interruptions of our life.

We are beautifully made by God through our Euntes experience!
God specially chose us from among the multitudes of people in our own respective parishes. Before we knew it, it was already included in the framework of God’s plan that we will be here.  God allowed people and events to touch our consciousness, to make us Real; to be in touched with ourselves, with one another, and even with nature.

In the woundedness and brokenness of our lives, God de-constructed us, mended us and re-created us to be WHOLE and invaluable person again.

We thank God for this privilege of journeying with Him, in taking active part in His mission. We thank God for the people who became instrumental in sending us here,  for the Euntes Program Staff  through:
Fr. Giulio F. Mariani, PIME, Sr. Stella-Marie R. LLerin, OND , Sr. Roselle Sabud, OND, the kitchen staff and other personnel that gave us reason
to be here, and visit Zamboanga City as well. Truly we thank the Lord for our renewed spirit.

May the Euntes cross that we received today always remind us of our commitment, to be more zealous agents in the mission of the church.

To every one here present, for accompanying us in our journey…In behalf of the LAY PARTICIPANTS,  Maraming Salamat  po sa inyong lahat. GOD BLESS.

Finally, Father Ignacio A. Sawey, MJ, NAZ, expressed his thanks on behalf of all the Priests participants.

The ceremony concluded with ‘a thanksgiving dance’ beautifully performed by some of the participants. The Farewell Agape followed immediately and, in the evening, the Social Night was enjoyed by all.

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