1. What has been your most significant “Euntes-journey” experience that challenged and inspired you towards a renewed mission of the church?

Ivy Bayno, Missionary Novice of OND

            Subject of God’s proclamation:  the margins and the captives; deconstruction, interruption, prodigality, reclaiming and recreating, self-awareness and self-acceptance are the key words of my Euntes journey that struck, inspired, challenged and deformed me. The cry for change with the mission of the church has gradually revealed. Answers came out with the help of the different sessions we had. It is greatly a paradigm shift. My perspective on Mission has been deconstructed, interrupted and renewed. It is a vast mission that focuses to all humanity and of God’s creation, calling for renewal.

At first, I think of myself as peculiar to be exposed to these awakening seminars. My shield has slowly broken when I was bombarded with issues, challenges and truth of the mission. My journey with the margins with the help of Fr. Calvo, CMF becomes vivid when I recognized that they are victims of injustices, atrocities, poverty, of socio-political, cultural and structural abuses of today. They didn’t choose to poor.

The Word of God in the Mission of the Church, deconstructed my own perspective. Respect and sensitivity to the cultures, traditions and religions of each group is what I am called to do.  There was a metanoia happened to me with my personal experience with my family after the session I had with Fr. Edgar, SVD. What retained in my heart with his
sharing was: “A missionary must be a lover of culture, religions, spiritualities of own and others and histories.” The rapid growth of globalization, secularism, pluralism and physical destruction of ecology must never trap me to always echo and share what I have learned in this seminar. 

Inculturation with DR. Jose de Mesa awakened me to be prudent, never be judgmental to the beliefs of each individual. I must give respect to what they believe. My attitude as a missionary must be a bold humility.

My journey on Shifting Paradigms with Dr. Manny de Guzman has been interrupted and deconstructed. The paradigm that I am used to be was changed. My own paradigm may not be others’ paradigm.
With this experience, I am called to be honed and pruned, to be open to new paradigms. To do mission is to interrupt the world on behalf of God’s people.
Indeed, Mission in interruption. 

My personal encounter on Mission and Migration with Sr. Teresa, DC is calling me to walk in the shoes of the migrants, to accompany, to illumine and to proximate. My journey in the wilderness, the covenant and the promise land invited me to be grounded with my faith, vision and motivation in my missionary life. This is a continuous cycle.
The prodigality of God’s love in my journey has sustained me. I am being reminded to grip on Him despite of my vulnerabilities. I should not be afraid when I fall to the bottom because He will accompany me even if I will fall or not.

Mission of Reconciliation’s journey becomes challenging. I have been slapped with my face. Truly it is difficult to forgive to someone else if I am not yet been reconciled with my own self. Healing process is difficult to attain if I close my doors. Healing will only be attain if I open my heart for reconciliation. It requires personal transformation. I have to forgive and love myself, reclaim that I am a blessing and God’s beloved. It is about reclaiming and recreating. Self-acceptance and self-awareness plays a very significant role in reconciliation, even the awareness in God’s creation. Definitely, reconciliation of self is basically the radical self acceptance. As Fr. Carlo, CssR gave the meaning of Fr. Percy’s  name, it also summarizes my Euntes journey. Personal Encounter Revealing Christ’s Yearning. My journey is a continuous yearning of Christ. My personal encounter with Him filled my yearnings.  Now, I’m ready to go… go… on my way for mission. EUNTES!

 2.  How do you wish to sustain the spirit of God’s mission (Mission Dei) in your missionary life?

Total renewal and transformation of inner self is necessary for me to sustain the spirit of Missio Dei. I must not close my heart and mind for renewal. The people that I will be encountering in my missionary life play a big role in my journey. They are the spirit of God’s mission in my life. My groundedness to the Sacred is also important for me to have a grasp of Him. I must believe in myself that I am God’s beloved and believed likewise with themselves that they too are God’s beloved. I must widely open my heart for me to integrate to the people, to share together and sustain the spirit of God’s mission.

By Sr. Ivy Bayno


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