Reflection Synthesis of Sr. Norie

1.   What has been your most significant “EUNTES-journey” experience that challenged and inspired you towards a renewed
mission of the Church?

Norie C. Allosa, ond-mn

I know I’ll never be the same again!

As a novice preparing myself for the mission, it is truly a privilege to be here  at Euntes.  My Euntes-journey was a profound experience.   Our everyday session taught me to put always my feet on the ground with which I found it the radical way of following JESUS.  As I listen and reflect day by day, I am truly INTERRUPTED.  Sometimes it took time to digest the realities. The impact to respond the call is so strong and challenging.   My heart and mind were opened and it is always on the process of deconstruction and reconstruction of  thoughts, beliefs and actions.  I believe that SHIFTING PARADIGMS would be an answer to the questions.

I am truly recreated and challenged to make a difference in the mission of the church.  Now is the BEST TIME, tomorrow might be too late….

My Deep gratitude to EUNTES and my co-participants as well.!

2.  How do you wish to sustain the spirit of God’s mission (Missio Dei) in your missionary life?

I want to sustain the Spirit of GOD’s mission in my missionary life by simply having a isposition that is authentic, hopeful, open and responsive to make the CHURCH ALIVE!

Norie C. Allosa, ond-mn


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