My Euntes’ Journey

By Sr. Terry, OND

The whole “package” of the of speakers, exposures, the group that I belonged, the Euntes community, the wonderful place and the ample time for reflection provided a venue for me to experience a “coming home” to myself, to experience a re-creation and grounding on the assuring love of God. These all became possible because of the EUNTES’ prodigality and love for the mission of God.

It is a coming –home because I was made to get in touch to my context: myself, significant others in my life and my other issues in life. In letting myself be interrupted by the paradigm of “dialogue, peace and reconciliation”, I also experienced unsettling and I saw myself as a broken person. Part of me was calling to be free!  As I radically accept my being, my context I knew God is recreating me. I understand that I need to constantly affirm my being “God’s beloved” before I can be a sign of God’s love and hope to others and to the rest of God’s creation especially to those in the  margins and migrants. I am continually amazed by God’s love for me. I know God is not a promising a journey free from the “tsunamis/tornadoes” in life but I am assured of God’s grace to be always there. I just have to believe in the possibilities and the grandeur of the beautiful God in me, in the people I will be with and in the rest of God’s creation. I just have to be open and to welcome the daily surprises of life because God is not done with me yet.

Euntes Summer 2011 program helped me prepare myself for my next mission engagement by preparing the missionary in me. I am being called to be prodigal, to cross myself set boundaries and be at home to the Passages: from the KNOWN to the UNKNOWN…   from “ROOTEDNESS” and “BELONGING”  to being an ALIEN and AT HOME in every place I go.   I wish will be a PRESENCE that illuminates, that gives flavor and that transforms as Jesus is to the people regardless of the “others” differences in culture, belief, status in life but  most especially to the “unlovable”, to those in the margins. I wish I could be a voice to the voiceless and a voice that helps other see what is right and wrong in their life and in the ituation and structure. I wish I would learn to dance the tune of being a missionary while being a migrant myself.  I also wish that Euntes will continue its ministering to the missionaries so that many can have the opportunity that I enjoyed.

Muchas Gracias,  Domo Arigato, Magsukol tuod, Salamat han inyo kaupay, maraming salamat po, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. God’s prodigality be with all those who are involve in your ministry. Goodbye for now, but I hope to be here again in the future. 


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